A Good Day

                5.15 p.m. – Had a good day today. I met with my keyworker today in the morning and she took me out for a coffee. Bit daunting siting in a crowd discussing your ‘issues’ but still good to get out somewhere normal.

                Then it was onto Anxiety management group at the local community mental health care unit. That went quite well as well, I was able to talk to people today!

                From there it was onto see my advocate at Mind. Printed out my letters to my creditors and even talked about doing some volunteer work for them myself.

                So-called friend I lent money to still hasn’t contacted me though. Ironic that I owe others a ton of money and I’m griping about thirty pounds I’m owed. Mind you, the people I owe aren’t going to go hungry because of it.

                Thanks mate.