Day in the Life of an Alcoholic

                Saturday: Even though I’m not working there is still a distinction between weekdays and the weekend. I think I’s because I feel safer at the weekend.

                Before I stopped drinking, weekdays were for fear and weekends were for rest. At my worst, just before my last admission to hospital, a typical weekday day would consist of:

            Wake up
5.00 am-6.00 am - First wakeup. - Instant flood of panic and cold sweats. Stay in bed   and try and keep the bad thoughts out of my head.

            Get up
8.00 am – 9.00 am – Get out of bed. – Do the necessaries (usually urgent due to persistent diarrhoea), make coffee and have first cigarette.  The first hit of caffeine and nicotine invariably led to a heightened feeling of panic which would lead to more sweating and the onset of the shakes.

Throw Up
Generally, the second or third cigarette would bring on the mornings dry heave; a violent, uncontrollable retching that yielded little.

Piss Up
9.00 am-11.00 am – Convinced that all I need was one ‘calm me down’ drink, I would start nearly every day at the local Wetherspoon’s pub that starts serving beer at 9.00am. After around four or so strong lagers I would feel strong enough to try some work.

Buck Up
11.00am – 12.00am – The shakes now under control, I could actually type on the computer so I would answer a few e-mails and maybe make a phone call or two.

Break Up
12.00am – 2.00pm – Lunchtime. Everyone has a lunch break after all; another four to five pints for lunch in another pub.

Give up
2.00pm – 5.00pm – Try and do a bit more work. Start to get bored or find the keys on the keyboard a little too difficult to find. Have a break (down the pub). It’s my business; I’ll do as I please.

Finish Up
5.00pm – 7.00pm – Go to the supermarket and pick up some cans of lager and a microwave meal. Eat half the meal (my only food for the day) in front of the TV. Finish the cans, take anti-depressants, go to sleep.

‘Oh happy days’