I’m going to push my way through this. It’s so easy when I get a downer to end up in sulking bed for the rest of the day so instead, I’ve made a step towards tackling my debts. I owe about £100,000 in total in bank loans and old business debts.

                I’ve phoned my advocate at Mind and he is going to help me get the first letters out to my creditors explaining my situation. It’s strange, I don’t fear the fact that bankruptcy now looks inevitable, I have nothing left to loose, but it’s the process of doing anything about it that seems to take so much effort. I actually wrote the damned letters about two weeks ago but it’s taken this long to work up the courage to think about sending them out.

                My anxiety management class notes tell me to face my fears and it won’t be as bad as you think, your just catastrophising.

                Hope they’re right.