Mood Today

                09.50 a.m. - Feeling a bit down this morning and don’t know why.

                The stock question of healthcare professionals to those that are depressed appears to be; “If you were to describe your mood on a scale of one to ten how would it be? One being low ten being high.” Well, there’s a scientific diagnosis for you.  I guess if I say one, I’ll be detained and, if I say ten, I’ll be let go.

                I did get angry over this in hospital once. On being asked this question, yet again, by an HCA (Health Care Assistant) I snapped back “What difference does it make? My five isn’t your five and you’ve never experienced my one in your entire life!”

                I felt a bit of tit later when I found out that he had once been a patient himself so he did know.

                He turned out to be the best HCA in the hospital.