The End of the Beginning

Or is it the beginning of the end? Perhaps it’s the middle of the end of the beginning or is it merely a brief pause for rest and recuperation along the rich yet troubled journey from the start to the finish? Oh bollocks to all that. It’s just that I’m bored so I’ve decided to start writing blog.

              Hi, my name’s ‘Artois52’ and I am an alcoholic (recovering). Apart from one minor slip a couple of weeks ago I have now been dry for nearly five months, the longest I have been sober for nearly thirty years. I used to live in a huge detached house, have a responsible job in IT and drive a Mercedes. I now live in a hostel, live off meagre benefits and have a bus pass.

               I’d like to say “Hello to anyone that knows me” but since I have two young children I’m keeping this anonymous to avoid any chance of their school friends stumbling across it. To any grown-ups who do know me; you know the truth anyway so why didn’t you bloody well stop me years ago!

                Hey ho. No use crying over spilt milk and all that. What happened, happened and you can’t turn the clock back (ain’t that a shame).  So, if I look on the bright side, I have a chance few other people get. I can start again.

                I’m not being flippant about what alcohol has done to me and, more importantly, what I have done to those close to me. But I have to move on, so dwelling on the regrets of the past will only take me back into depression. That’s another place that I don’t want to go back to.

                I’m not sure what this blog will be yet. I am thinking that it will be, God willing, an interesting account of my return to ‘normal society’, whatever that is, along with the back-story of how I became an alcoholic. In any event it’ll either be a long rambling pile of dog doo or just another one of those short lived projects that never made it. Frankly I don’t care as this blog’s for my benefit not yours. But, if I do keep it up and you decide to join me for the journey, welcome aboard!