What a Day, What a Day (27.06.13)

            So called good friend, let’s call him Taffy, though I could think of much more appropriate names for him right now, still hasn’t paid up. Yesterday’s dinner was half a can of Pilchards and a few bags of crisps. Tonight’s looking like a tin of fruit salad and any biscuits I can find at the back of the drawer.

But, worst of all, I’ve run of tobacco!

My last cigarette was last night. Not a milligram of nicotine has entered my body all day. Don’t feel too bad actually. I’ve started to get a bit twitchy now (14.30) but otherwise it hasn’t been too bad. I must admit, my room smells a lot nicer as well! I might consider trying to give up smoking altogether. It would certainly save a lot of money.

As for Taffy and the much lamented thirty pounds, I am genuinely disappointed in him. All joking aside I’ll live, and a few days without smoking will do me some good anyway but he knows what it’s like living on benefits and that to lose thirty pounds for a week is a lot.

                I won’t make a big fuss about it though, my own benefit payment comes through tomorrow but I will think twice before trusting him again and certainly won’t lend him money again.