Alcoholic Blogger

Alcoholic Blog

Am I an alcoholic blogger or am I a blogger who just happens to be an alcoholic?

Is it ‘Bob the Builder’ or ‘Bob’, who is a builder by trade?

There is a danger, if you are not careful, that being a recovering alcoholic starts to define who you are rather than your true personality.

I seem to spend my entire life thinking about alcohol, which is not a particularly good thing for a recovering alcoholic to be doing. I have to remind myself that I am more. I am a father of two children, I have travelled the world, and I have achieved many things in my time. Being an alcoholic is just a part of me, not the whole.

I started this blog as means to alleviate boredom. ‘Hmm’, I thought; ‘what can I write about?  - Alcoholism, I know all about that, I’ll write an alcoholic blog.’

Then the random jottings in my alcoholic’s blog began to get longer and longer. ‘Perhaps I can help someone else to stop drinking before it’s too late.’  I mused ‘or perhaps just by sharing my own experiences and feelings; I can give another recovering alcoholic some incentive not to drink.’

One thing has led to another and from a project that I’d thought I’d get bored of, my alcoholics blog continues to grow.

As well as providing me with a means of anonymous ‘sharing’, it has given me a renewed sense of purpose, achievement and a possible direction for the future as well.

Alcoholic BlogNow I’m starting to explore writing as a potential way to earn money in the future. It seems there a multitude of different ways to earn from writing.

You can post articles on sites like Squidoo and HubPages and earn a share of advertising revenue, you can get paid to ghost-write on other people’s blogs or, of course, you could become a journalist or a novelist.

One step at time though. For now, a few articles here and there and keeping my blog updated are proving immensely helpful in their own rights. It’s keeping my mind active and my body out of the pub.

The next step for me is to expand my writing efforts beyond the world of the alcoholic. My blog needn’t be just an alcoholic blog. I can write about other interests too. After all I don’t want to be forever just a recovering alcoholic; I want to be an ex-alcoholic.

This is one of the reasons that AA wasn’t for me. I may be under a misconception, but my understanding is that a fundamental principle that underpins AA philosophy is that alcoholism is an incurable disease and that the only way to keep the disease at bay is to regularly attend AA meetings.

I would never want to dissuade anyone from trying AA as they have undoubtedly helped many, many people, all around the world. If you are looking for help, give it a go but remember that it is only one of your options.

Whatever works for you is good and if you are a recovering alcoholic and you have access to the internet, I can recommend blogging as well. You can keep it anonymous if you like, you can share your thoughts and feelings with others like you and you can have a voice.

Another way is by visiting alcoholic forums like Bright Eye where you can exchange views and get help and advice from other recovering alcoholics.

In the meantime, my alcoholics blog remains firmly focussed on my recovery but I do intend to branch off into other, completely unrelated, territories as well.

I am Artois52, who once had an alcohol problem, not Artois52 the alcoholic.