Here Comes the Summer.

I have no money but the sun is shining so I don’t care! This is the first time in many a year that I can actually enjoy the sunny weather without being in a pub beer garden.

Because it so hot in my room and we obviously have no air-con (It is a hostel after-all) I have taken to spending most of my day out in a local recreation area. There is a boating lake, a large playing field, and a good sized wooded area so plenty of scope for a good walk as well as somewhere to sit in the shade and read a book.

The lack of financial liquidity (i.e. I’m skint) is not bothering me in the slightest. I picked up some food from a food-bank to keep me going and amazingly, the lack cigarettes has barley phased me! It’s now day four of my enforced no smoking and I’ve even thought that maybe I should take this opportunity to give it up altogether. Then again, let’s not go mad; I’ve only just given up drinking.

I’m not entirely wasting my day on these nice walks in the fresh air though, I am actually thinking of ways in which I can earn a living but without going back to all the stresses of my previous career. I’ve decided that, now that I am bankrupt, in all but the official paperwork, and divorced as well, my need to earn huge sums of money is no-more. It’s quite exciting really. There’s not many fifty-something’s who can sit down with a blank sheet of paper and ask themselves: ‘What do I really want to do?”

My only commitments now are to pay a reasonable sum in maintenance for my children and have enough to feed, clothe and house myself. And having now learned to live frugally I know that this does not need to be a lot. I have a few ideas in my mind. I’ll mull these over today.

In the meantime, it’s only 8.00am and already I can feel the sun warming up the room so I’ll be off out soon.

I’m beginning to hope that 2013 could be a turning point for me; I’ve stopped drinking and am coping quite well with that, looks like I could give up smoking if I tried as well but well hang fire on that one for now.

Most of all, now that I have an alcohol free brain, I’ve been able to both start to understand and accept the past better and take a more positive view of the future as well.

Fingers crossed for 2013.