Procrastination Technique

I’ve been meaning to get letters off to everyone that I owe money to but have become pretty adept at not doing it. I know I’ve got to deal with this problem but it kind of feels like I’m inviting the real world back into my life and I don’t really want that right now.

How to avoid doing the jobs that you really don’t want to do:

I need a day to recover from the weekend. I’m never good on Mondays anyway.

A day to plan; you need to formulate a plan first before you start working.

My psychiatrist told me I have to make time for ‘me time’. That’s today!

Take things steady, focus on one day at a time; you’ve done a lot this week already.

Post won’t get there until Monday anyway so I’ll leave it till next week.

Hey, everybody has a right to a day off don’t they?

It’s the Sabbath – No working today.