Sobriety Is Fun

Stop Drinking

If you’re sitting there today, drink in one hand, mouse in the other, trawling the internet for pearls of wisdom on how to give up drinking you might be given to think that the whole process is hell on wheels.

Loads of stories of how alcohol ruins lives, the horrors of detox and how the only way you can overcome it is by submitting to a higher power.

It almost makes you feel powerless to stop it. If I can’t beat I’ might as well just stick with it. That’s how I felt before I quit anyway.

I enjoyed drinking, I enjoyed being drunk. Why should I stop?

Well alcoholism did destroy my life but it’s not the purpose of this post to dwell on past mistakes. No this post is about optimism and the future and how not drinking can be fun as well.

 There is no doubt that the early stages of sobriety are not easy. Depending on how much you’ve been drinking you may get withdrawal symptoms and, in some cases, these can be severe so always consult your GP before you start, but the joy that you feel once you have broken the chains that alcohol has on you is immense.

Don’t panic! I’m not talking about some religious revelation when I say joy. I just mean that you can really start to enjoy the simple things in life again like reading, walking, or watching a film in its entirety without falling asleep.

The other thing that you don’t realise is just how much of your day is used up by the physical process of drinking and how much more time you have will when you stop. This is a double edged sword when you first give up as boredom can be a trigger to drink again but occupy your time with other things and you soon discover that you can enjoy yourself without a drink.

I’m trying hard not to become an evangelical reformed alcoholic because such people used to get right up my nose when I was still drinking but my message to any alcoholic is that giving up can really be fun.

Honest Guv; give it a try.