The Salvation Army – The Big Collection

Did you know that the Salvation Army do far more than just play Christmas Carols at the train station?

I owe the Salvation Army a huge debt of gratitude. When I turned up at their meeting hall; drunk, smelly and without a friend in the world, they welcomed me without hesitation and without judgement and then, when I was admitted to psychiatric hospital for a period of twelve weeks, the only person who came, completely unexpectedly, to visit me was the Captain from my local Salvation Army Cops.

If you need friends, away from the world of alcoholism, but friends who understand the problems you might be facing then the Salvation Army is a good place to start.

The Salvation Army is not just for Christmas, they do good work all the year round providing addicts, alcoholics and the homeless with practical care and support throughout the UK. Their services include:

The Salvation Army provide many services, most of which you won’t even be aware, from these donations including:

  • Meals for the hungry
  • Beds for homeless people
  • Assistance and training in finding employment
  • Safe refuge for victims of violence and abuse
  • Help and rehabilitation for people with drug and alcohol addictions
  • Day centres and loving homes for older people
  • Shelter and practical help to families and young people
  • Practical and emotional support through or emergency vehicles to the emergency services at times of disaster
  • Practical and emotional support to victims of human trafficking
  • Finding and reuniting missing family members
  • Chaplaincy services to people in hospital, in prison and on remand
  • Practical and emotional support to members of the Armed Services

Here’s a short video about their work:

The Big Collection

The Salvation Army will be knocking on your door soon collection for their annual fundraising event; The Big Collection.

Please help them if you can or you can donate on-line here.

Thank You