The search for online income goes on!

Having been off work, on long term sick for some time now, I have had the luxury of not only the time to recover properly, but also to explore new ways of earning a full time income.

Firstly, this is a big thank you to the UK health and benefits system. I know that some people do abuse it and that makes for great ‘reality’ TV shows, tabloid headlines and, it keeps Jeremy Kyle of the streets! But, we don’t all abuse it; some of us are actually trying to get back on our feet.

I now write regularly for a number of customers and that, along with some other online efforts is beginning to give me an income. It’s a slow process, but it is coming together and as I still do have some anxiety issues, working online would seem to be a good option.

One thing that I have learned is that an internet income takes time and patience. At first, the returns seem so insignificant as to not be worth even a small amount of effort. That’s how it started with HubPages. With just one or two articles posted, it seemed that I would never earn more than a few cents, but, with perseverance, I now see whole dollar amounts on my income reports from that site!

I’m also writing on Bubblews, though to be honest, that is far less satisfying than writing articles for HubPages, but it does keep me busy when I don't have the energy for a full blown HubPages article.

I would say that I am now 50% of the way towards earning a proper income and it’s doing work that I enjoy and, if I get hit with a bout of depression, I can just switch off for a couple of days.

So, having come this far, from a hopelessly depressed alcoholic, to someone with a real second chance at a future, my message to anyone going through a recovery is don't give up! It can be done.

There have been slip-ups and there have been setbacks and its not easy, but boy is it worth it!