10 inexplicable things that women do that really annoy men

Women! You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. I know that we live in an age of equality and all that stuff, but there is no denying that men and women are different and see things in different ways. Despite the fact that many relationship advice blogs will tell you that you should love partner as much for their irritating habits and flaws as you do for their good points, there are still things that the girls do that drive men right round the bend.   Here are ten of the things that women do that make men pull their hair out.

1. Spending too much time on the phone
Ladies, the telephone is a piece of equipment designed for the passing on of messages. It is not designed for the retelling of one’s life story! How a woman can find so much to talk about on the phone is beyond me. What’s even more frustrating is when they spend an hour on the phone talking to someone they are going to see the next day!

2. Taking an hour to get ready to go out
Yes, we do appreciate the effort that you make to look good and we do think are you beautiful. Is it really necessary, though, to look perfect just for a trip down the road? Really, no one in Tesco’s is going to mind if your hair isn’t perfect, or your makeup is not just so. You probably won’t meet anyone there that you know, or that you will want to know, anyway.

3. Pinching fries
If you wanted fries with your meal, then you should have ordered fries! You have no idea how irritating it is when you order a salad and then proceed to eat half his fries from his plate. Then, you add insult to injury by complaining that there is too much salt on them!

4. Going to the bathroom in groups
This is another habit of women that has no logical explanation. Why do you need to visit the toilets in twos and threes and, why does it take so long? What do you do in there that needs the assistance of your friends? A man goes in there, he does what he needs to do, and he can do it on his own.

5. Window shopping
How is possible that shopping can be a pastime? Shopping is a chore that has to be done and, if you do it efficiently, it can be done in no time at all. If you need a pair of shoes, then go to a shoe shop and buy a pair. There is no need to check out every single shoe shop in town and there is never a need to look at shoes when you have no intention, whatsoever, of buying a pair.

5. Gossiping
Men are just not interested in what your friends have been up to or who they are sleeping with and they don’t really understand how you find it so interesting either. The worst thing of all is all the gossip about the, so-called, frenemies! If you don’t like a person then stop talking to them and going out with them!

6. Not coming out with what’s on your mind
If something is bugging you, then get it out into the open. Men make crap, mind readers, so, if your man has done something to upset you, you are going to tell him straight. If you give him the silent treatment, then all he’s going to do is put it down to a woman thing and let you get on with it.

7. Asking for his opinion on a new dress
When a man hears those terrible words, ‘which one do you prefer?’, he begins to shake with fear and dread. He knows that he can’t get it right and you’re not even going to listen to him anyway. Even if is he says that you look beautiful in either of the dresses, the answer will still not be good enough.

8. Tidying up his stuff
That pile of paperwork that he has on the desk may well look like a disorganised mess, but he knows exactly where everything is. Let him have a little space of his own and don’t keep tidying away his stuff, because then he won’t be able to find a thing.

9. Quizzing him on where he’s been and who he’s been with
When you doubt a man’s trustworthiness and he’s actually being good, then you are really going to wind him up. Men do like to go out on their own sometimes, that doesn’t mean that he’s up to no good. Checking up on what he’s been up to is going to annoy him and, eventually, if you keep on suggesting that he’s been cheating, he may well feel that he might as well do it.

10. Taking what he says the wrong way
And, finally, a thing that women seem to be particularly adept at is taking words and twisting them into something that was never meant.   Come on girls, guys just as aren’t sensitive as you are and sometimes they say things without really thinking them through. He loves you, really, and he didn’t mean what he said to come out the way that it did.