10 Things you didn’t know about Top Gear

Top Gear is, apparently, the most widely watched factual TV show in the world and it gets around 350 million viewers every week. Whatever the facts and the figures, Top Gear is a show that alleges to be a motoring program, but seems to be more about three mates doing all the things that we all wish we could do.  Things like driving fast cars, wrecking caravans, blowing things up and, well, just generally being ‘blokes’. Whatever, it’s a bloody good fun show, so here are ten things that you may not have known about Top Gear and Messrs Clarkson, May, and Hammond.

1. Noel Edmonds used to present Top Gear

Before Top Gear’s re-launch in 2002, the show used to be a very sensible and down to earth motoring show. Back then, Top Gear car reviews covered the sensibly priced saloon cars and the show was presented by the likes of Angela Rippon, Noel Edmonds and much more serious and well-spoken, Jeremy Clarkson.

2. Top gear can kill car sales
What the presenters of Top Gear have to say about a car can really make or break the manufacturer’s sakes forecasts. When Jeremy Clarkson declared that the Ford Ka looked like a frog, sales of the diminutive Ford plummeted. 

3. Jeremy Clarkson was once bored with cars
The UK’s number one petrol-head, Jeremy Clarkson, quit the original Top gear show because he was bored with cars. He was so bored, that he once tested a car and then couldn’t think of a thing to say about it. When he left Top Gear, the show’s ratings plummeted and Clarkson went on to do his own, unsuccessful chat show. He was tempted back in 2002, for the shows re-launch in its new light-hearted format.

4. Clarkson gets a £1m salary
Jeremy Clarkson gets a million pounds a year salary for his role as a presenter on Top Gear and he made £8.4 million from the sales of his shares in the show. Not bad for mucking about with motors and taking the mickey out of foreign nationals!

5. Jeremy Clarkson has a clean driving licence
Despite all his bravado and his apparent love of speed, Jeremy Clarkson actually has a clean driving licence. That’s right, no points at all! That kind of destroys the image a bit, doesn’t it?

6. Other motoring hacks don’t like Top gear
The more serious of the motoring hacks don’t appreciate the antics of the Top gear team. The Sunday telegraphs motoring correspondent, Neil Lyndon, said of the shows recent 21st birthday "Does that mean Billy Bunter and his gang finally get forced out of the Fourth Remove and into long trousers?"

7.  The Top gear theme tune

Just in case you didn’t know, the Top Gear theme tune is 'Jessica' by The Allman Brothers. The one they use in the show is no longer the original, but I prefer the version that Slash did when he appeared on Top gear anyway!

8. The show is not for grown ups
It would seem that even the BBC doesn’t take Top Gear too seriously, despite the fact that it makes them millions of pounds every year. In an interview in the Radio Times, the show’s executive producer said that Top gear is "aimed at people with a mental age of nine".

9. James May was fired from Autocar Magazine
James May was fired from Autocar Magazine in 1992, after it was discovered that he had been amusing himself by leaving hidden, messages in his articles. When the editors checked out his work, they found the first letters of each article in their road test yearbook spelled out "So you think it's really good, yeah? You should try making the bloody thing up; it's a real pain in the arse."

10. The show is screened in over 100 countries
Top Gear is now screened in over one hundred different countries around the world. But, strangely, it is not shown in Mexico. I wonder why?

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