A fresh start for 2015!

Welcome to the new look Artois52 blog!

It’s hard to believe that it’s now been two years since I was discharged from the mental hospital and found myself living in a hostel for the homeless. I’ve battled with depression, anxiety and alcoholism and, after two long years, it finally feels like I’m coming out of the other side again. 

And to celebrate, I’m re-vamping my blog, both in look and in content too.

It’s not that I’m going to pretend that my issues didn’t, and to some extent still do, exist, but more that I've made the decision to stop harping on about them and try and write some more positive things instead. 

So, I’m not deleting all my old posts from this blog, they are a part of the story as a whole, but I am going to be devoting a lot more of my time to turning this into a more interesting blog about life, the universe and everything; a kind of; ‘life from the point of view of an ageing, ex-alcoholic’ type of thing.

Over the past twelve months, I have been writing articles on Hub Pages, Writing for people on Fiverr.com and writing for a number of customers directly, and I am now, slowly, beginning to see a way of earning enough money to get myself off benefits and back on my feet. So, for 2015, I have decided to really get my head down and make it work!

A part of that plan is to make this blog more interesting for anyone to read, anyone that is who is old enough to like the Sex Pistols, quite probably male, and most probably more than a little bit mad. So, I’m going to put all that I have learned about writing elsewhere, into many efforts here. I may even get around to making regular posts again!

I know that you’re supposed to create a niche for yourself with blogs, but niches are just boring, so I’m going to post on whatever feel like writing about at the time. If people like it, that would be great because I’ll make some money out of the ads on the site. If they don’t, oh well, I’ll have to find a plan B! Fingers crossed, I can come up with a weird combination of comment, advice and interesting posts that someone, somewhere will relate to. 

Life does seem to have a strange way of providing good about of just about every bad situation that we get ourselves into. It’s just hard sometimes to spot that good. I believe that all the crap that I've been through has taught me so much about so many different things. I believe that I have a story to tell, as well as some wisdom to share, neither of which I would have had, had I not hit rock bottom. 

This blog, then, will also be appositive blog. I won’t be complaining about how hard my luck has been, or how terrible are the things that have happened to me. Instead, I’ll be using all that I have learned in my weird and wonderful 50+ years, to hopefully entertain and to inform.

Anyway, I hope you stick around and find out where this leads me.

All the best