Ten morning habits of highly successful people

What you do first thing in the morning can set your mood and your attitude for the rest of the day. If you put off waking up until the last possible minute, you could be missing out on some of the most important and productive time in the day. You may well not want to be the next Richard Branson, or Bill Gates, but here are ten early morning habits that successful adopt that can be useful for anyone, in any walk of life.

1. Wake up early
Everyone is tempted to press the snooze button on their alarm sometimes, but seriously, laying bed doesn’t get anything done and it does seem to affect how you are through the rest of the day too. Top entrepreneurs tend to get up at around 4.30am – 5.30am, though that does seem a bit extreme, but getting up just an hour earlier does make the morning a lot less stressed and you can get a lot more done.

2. Get dressed and get moving
Most advice columns would tell you get your early morning workout in, but we’re not all that way inclined! It is important, though, to get up, dressed and moving about, if you want to make the most of the morning. If you stumble about in your PJ’s, you will probably find that you are not getting a lot done, whereas getting dressed and moving seems to put you more in the mood for getting things done.

3. Eat a proper breakfast
Breakfast shouldn’t be a luxury that is reserved for the weekends; it should be a necessity for every day of the week. Getting up just a little bit earlier will give you the time to eat some breakfast and, you will feel a whole lot better for it. Breakfast gets the metabolism jump started, it wakes you up and it will fuel you all the way through to lunch so you don’t get drowsy half way through the morning.

4. Plan the day ahead
Taking the time to plan your day and think about the tasks at hand will enable you to control how you spend the time you have available on the day.  Successful people will usually have a prioritised to do list for every working day. That way, they can approach the day in a more organised, and positive manner. 

5. Get one big job ticked off on your list
If you can kill off just one big thing from your to do list, before you start work properly, then that can really put you in a more positive frame of mind for the rest of the day. It works even better, if you do the one thing that you are dreading the most and then you won’t be stressing about it for the rest of the day.

6. Remind yourself why you are doing what you do
You can put a lot of fancy names to motivational techniques, but it can be a great start to the day to remind yourself of why you are working. Take ten minutes to remind yourself of your goals, whether that is world domination, or just taking the kids on holiday this year! It will make the tasks that lie ahead, far less daunting.

7. Tidy up as you go
Another thing that you will definitely find with successful people is that they are tidy and organised. Take ten minutes in the mornings to clear up your workspace and put things back where they belong. Then you won’t be wasting time later leafing through piles of paperwork or hunting for the stapler or any other tool that you might need.

8. Count your blessings
As well as motivating yourself for success, it’s always a good idea to have a think about the things that you can grateful for as well. Writing down ten things that you are grateful for will put in you in a more positive frame of mind and help you tackle the more difficult tasks during the day.

9. Enjoy the peace and quiet
Waking up a bit earlier, you will find how great the peace and quiet can be. Open a window, the fresh air will do you good anyway, and listen to sound of the birds, rather than the roar of the traffic. It really is a great time of the day for getting your head straight and planning ahead.

10. Spend time with the family
If you can, the morning is the best time to connect with your children and your partner too. You will not be tired from the long day at work and there will be fewer distractions around to get in the way. However successful you want to be, if you don’t make time for the kids, and family, what’s the point in all that success anyway?