10 Reasons why you need top quality content on your website

OK, so it’s time for a little self-publicity, and what’s wrong with that? I’m a full time writer, and when I do my research on the web for articles for clients, the poor standard of some of the content that I see astounds me. It’s not just that it’s poorly written, in many cases it is also a blatant copy of somebody else work, or it has been ‘spun’ through some shabby free software that is supposed to create original text from someone else’s original text. So, if you own a website or blog, and you need some content for it, here ten reasons why you should employ a writer (like me!) who will write top quality, unique content for you.

1. You don’t have the time to write it yourself
Seriously, if you are serious about your business, then it shouldn't be you who are spending hours a day writing content for your website. You have far better things to be doing, like selling your product or service.

2. Internet users are fickle
The average internet user takes just seconds to decide if they want to stay on a particular web page. If the content is difficult to read, filled with errors or just simply doesn’t make any sense, then they are going to flip out of your website, quicker than they flipped in.

3. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to buy
The longer someone stays on your website the more likely they are to buy something from you or click on an advertisement. What you need then, is content that someone actually wants to read. If it’s informative, entertaining and well written, then they will probably hang around to read it to the end and that means they have more time for your advertisements or product offering to register in their brain.

4. Search engines love quality content
Search engines like Google are far more sophisticated than they used to be and simply stuffing text with keywords, over and over again, doesn’t work anymore.  People seem to forget that the aim of a good search engine is to deliver to their users’ content that will answer their question, not content that mentions the same word five hundred times.

5. Quality is far more important than quantity
I saw an advert the other day that promised 2 million articles for $5 and, they promised that the articles were unique! 2 million bad pages of content would be as good for your website as no pages of content at all.

6. You get what you pay for
My example of the 2 million stock articles for $5 was an extreme one, but like everything on this earth, you do get what you pay for. You can go to so called content mills for cheaper articles, but, even at $5 or less, for a 750 word article, you are not going to get top notch writing. A good, well thought out, well researched and well written article that has been properly proof read, will take a decent writer around an hour to complete. You work out the maths and you can see that $5 an hour is not going to buy you the best writer that you can get.

7. Content needs to be engaging and sharable
Once you get a prospect onto your website you want them to stay there long enough to get your message. Even better, you want them to share your content on social bookmarking sites and social media. By doing that, they are giving you a recommendation, for free, and they are not going to do that if the content is poor.

8. A good writer can write about pretty much anything
OK, so it’s time to start blowing my own trumpet! I am a native English speaker and I am old enough to have experienced many different things in life. When I first started to write for a living, I was concerned that I would not be able to write about things that I knew nothing about. I soon found out though, with research, and a little empathy, I could write on pretty much any topic. Whilst I wouldn’t tackle a scientific paper for a learned journal, I do now, for example, write regular posts for a woman’s health and beauty magazine, amongst many other things. FYI, I’m neither a woman nor am I beautiful.

9. Your competitors are doing it
Quite simply, if you don’t grab that next person searching for a product or service like yours with some quality content, one of your competitors will. Google ranks quality over quantity now, so only quality content will get you to the top of their list. The quality of your content also reflects the quality of your own offering, so can you afford to compromise?

10. Where do you get high quality, unique content?
Yes, you guessed it, here comes the sales pitch! If you like my writing and you would like me to write for you then give me a shout. You can order ad-hoc content and other services from me via the third party website SEO Clerks or, for longer term arrangements; you can contact me direct using the contact form you will find here.

I would be pleased to write for you on any topic; blog posts, in-depth articles, product descriptions and so on, but please don’t ask me to write anything to do with porn or anything that might be considered to be offensive, or illegal. Other than that; I’m all yours!

I hope to be hearing from you soon.