10 Things that the girls wish that guys would understand

It’s time for a few home truths guys. While you may think that you understand girls, there are some things that men do that really bug women. They say that men and women come from different planets and sometimes, you can believe that, but here are ten of the things that girls really do wish that men understood better about them.

1. Farting is not funny
Women do it too, but they don’t usually make such a big deal about it like men do. Seriously, just because, after six pints and a chicken vindaloo, you can make the duvet hover an inch off the bed, that doesn't mean that she’s going to enjoy the joke. 

2. You can’t catch a woman’s period
Don’t treat a woman like she should be an isolation ward, just because she has her period. You can still touch her, talk her and be around her, you just might have to be a bit patient, that’s all.

3. Try and be more romantic
Most women love a little romance and they really wish that their men would be a little more romantic. It’s not difficult, now is it? Surprise her sometimes; with a romantic dinner for two, or a bunch of flowers from the florists. You’re not being soft by showing your love, your just showing her that you care. 

4. They don’t want to hear about your ex
They don’t want to hear where you used to take your ex, or how much fun you had with your ex and nor does a girl want to hear how awful your ex was. If you have still have a hang up about your ex, then keep it to yourself, because your current girlfriend just doesn't want to know about it.

5. Anniversaries ARE big deals
Do not, ever, forget her birthday or an important anniversary because, if you do, she will remember and she will never forgive you for it. You might think that you got away with it, but it will be stored away and it will be used in evidence against you a later date!

6. They don’t care how much money you have
Most girls want to be cared for and they want a man to pay his way, but it really isn't the size of your bank balance that makes her love you. There are some gold diggers out there, but most women would rather a man be kind and considerate man, than just rolling in dosh.

7. They do need that time in the bathroom
Don’t try and make a girl rush to get ready to go out; that’s just a completely fruitless exercise and it will probably just get you, and her, even more wound up about being late. She wants to look her best for you, so give her the time to do it. The best thing to do is just lie, and say that the appointment is half an hour earlier than it really is!

8. Women are not just legs and boobs!
Don’t ogle a woman, however attractive she may be, and remember that her face is on top of her shoulders, not some midpoint down her cleavage. Show a bit of respect lads and try and focus on her vibrant personality!

9. When a girl says she is feeling cold, she wants something
When she says “it is cold in here”, don’t just say “yes it is, isn't it”! You need to read between the lines when a woman speaks. If it’s cold, then she wants a cuddle or your coat. 

10. Don’t be afraid to say I love you
Come on you big lump! If you love her then tell her you do. One of the biggest complaints that women have about men is that they are afraid to express their emotions. That’s a big deal to a woman because, one of the most important things for her, is to know that she’s loved!