7 Home improvements that will definitely add value to your property

OK, so you've heard that home improvements can add value to your home, but where would your money be best spent? Many people opt for a kitchen makeover, but while that can add to appeal of your property, it actually provides the lowest return on investment.  If you want to put extra pounds in your pocket, when you sell your home, then read all about these seven home improvements that will do the job nicely.

1. Lick of paint all round
The cheapest and easiest way to add value to your home is with a simple sprucing up of the d├ęcor. The trick is to let people imagined that they could move straight in and not have to do any work themselves. Refreshing paintwork, brightening up ceilings and repainting the walls could increase the value of your property by around 3%. 

2. Bathroom update
If you still have an old avocado bathroom suite and dull, outdated, fittings, then you could be putting off potential purchasers with that alone. You need to do the maths to see if this one would work for you, but a brand new, all white bathroom suite could add another 3% to the value of your property and it would cost you around £3,000.

3. Tidying up the garden
Tidying up the garden won’t add thousands to the value of your property, but will certainly add to the appeal of the property. A neat, tidy and child friendly garden will broaden the range of potential buyers and stocking up the borders with plants should give you a 90% return on your investment.

4. Building a conservatory
As long as you have enough room in the garden, building a conservatory is a great way to add value to your property. For an average sized conservatory, you won’t need any planning permission and it is estimated that you double the money you spend on it, in the value of your home. Just make sure that it doesn’t take up the whole of your garden!

5. Making the property more eco-friendly
Energy prices might be going down at the moment, but people still don’t like wasting their energy and are far more environmentally aware these days. Proper loft insulation and double glazing could make all the difference between selling your house quickly and not. Both these are now pretty much expected to be in place in any property.

6. Kitchen upgrade
An up to date kitchen will help you sell your home faster, but surprisingly, it is not the best home improvement in terms of return on investment. Modernising the average size kitchen will cost you about £5,500 and it will add 4.5% to the value of the property. A really shabby kitchen, though, will put off many potential buyers.

7. Building a loft conversion
Adding a loft conversion is obviously a big job, but it can add 20% to the value of the house. Before you shell out a load of money on a loft conversion, you need to think if it makes for your home. There is no point in adding space for two more people sleep, if the lounge can’t accommodate the total number of people living in the house.

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