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I hope you enjoy the content on my blog. Since my long term illness, I have found a new lease of life in my writing and I am now pursuing a full time career as a full-time writer. What you see here, on this blog, is just a small sample of my writing and I can write in many different styles and on many topics. If you need quality content for your website or blog, then please read on, and find out more about my freelance writing services.

When you buy content articles your website or blog, then what you expect to get are totally unique, properly worded articles that you won’t have to spend an excessive amount of time editing.

Well, high quality, unique, content articles is exactly what I can provide you with. I am an experienced blogger and freelance writer and you can either buy ready-made articles, written by me which I sell via SEO Clerks or, if you prefer, you can order custom written articles too.

Every article that I sell is 100% unique and always written personally by me. I don’t use spinning software and I don’t farm work out to third parties. I am also happy to write on any topic for you, so long as it is not offensive, pornographic or, illegal.

Content is important
Getting quality content for your website or blog is important because it is content that makes a reader stay in your page. You can read more about why you need quality content for your website or blog here, and it is more than just stuffing content with keywords to try and get search engine traffic!

I write, because I love writing
I know, that sounds like a cliché, but, it’s true! OK, yes, I also write to earn a crust, but writing is the first ever day job that have ever woken up and looked forward to!  What this means to you, is that I don’t just don’t write the words just to fill a page, I write content that I will be proud of.

Writing content is my full time job!
Another thing that I hope makes the website content that I write that little bit different, is that I do this for a living!  I want you to like what I write for you so that you’ll come back and buy more so, if ever you think I’ve fouled up, tell me and I’ll fix it for you!

If you need content for your website or blog, then give me a shout!
So, there you have it! My content writing services on a plate. Please feel free to browse through my off-the-shelf articles, or contact me via  SEO Clerks, if you need something special or if you need any more information.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards