Ten things you never knew about Sylvester Stallone

Best known for his roles in the Rocky and Rambo films, Sylvester Stallone first gained world fame in 1976 in the first Rocky movie. Stallone wrote the script for Rocky himself and touted the scrip around Hollywood until he found a studio not only willing to make the movies, but also prepared to let Stallone take the lead role. The rest, as they say is history and Rocky was nominated for ten Academy awards and the film made a household name out of Sylvester Stallone. Here are ten things about the action hero movie star, Sylvester Stallone that you may not have known.

1. He paints pictures
It’s hard to imagine John Rambo with a paint brush in his hand, but Sylvester Stallone is quite a dab hand at art. His thing is for painting, abstract images and don’t scoff at the idea, his work fetches top dollar prices!

2. Stallone wasn’t too hot at school
Sylvester Stallone didn’t have an easy childhood, his mother and father divorced when he was just nine years old and Stallone was subsequently expelled from 14 different schools for his bad behaviour. His fellow students even voted Stallone as the student most likely to end up in the electric chair.

3. Stallone wanted to be a superhero
 The young Stallone had dreams of being a superhero and he used to wear a super hero costume under his school uniform. He also once tried to fly, by jumping out of his bedroom window, with nothing more than an umbrella to slow his fall. Not surprisingly, this didn’t work too well, and he ended up with a broken collar bone.

4. Stallone could have been a ballet dancer!
Another blast from the Stallone past that doesn’t quite fit his image is that his mother once enrolled Sly into ballet classes! It was Stallone, who also wrote and co-directed the sequel to ‘Saturday Night Fever’; ‘Staying Alive’.

5. Sly in in the Boxing Hall of Fame
Much to the dismay of some boxing fans, Stallone was voted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in 2010. Not a bad achievement for an actor who has never boxed professionally, for real.

6. His first headline role was in a porn movie
Sylvester Stallone appeared in a soft porn movie when he was a struggling actor trying to make ends meet. The film was initially titled ‘The Party at Kitty and Studs, but, the name was changed to ‘Italian Stallion’ after Stallone found fame in the Rocky motives.

7. He had a tough time at birth too
The snarling look of Stallone is not done with make-up, he was born that way! When Sylvester Stallone was born doctors had to use two pairs of forceps to get the little Sly out and in the process, the doctors cut into a nerve. This left Stallone with his slurred speech and his snarling face.

8. Some of Stallone’s pain is for real
Stallone spent four days in intensive care after telling Dolph Lundgren to punch him as hard as he could in the chest. Even Stallone himself now admits that was a stupid thing to do. Stallone also broke his neck whilst filming a fight scene for ‘The Expendables.

9. Stallone has been working on a script for a movie about Edgar Allen Poe
Sly has been working on the script for a biopic of the writer, Edgar Allen Poe, for some years. Stallone is said to be obsessed with Poe, but, the actor has ruled himself out of playing the part himself.

10. He got his muscles the hard way
Having been bullied at school, Stallone decided to get into body building. Weights and equipment were too expensive though, so he worked out with automobile parts and cinder blocks tied to a pole. Sounds like a scene out of a Rocky movie.

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