10 body language signs that someone is lying to you

Don’t you just hate it, when someone lies, especially when it’s a person that you thought you could trust?  We've probably all told a porky or two in our lives and some may have even  been whoppers’ but did you know that, if you know what to look for in the body language, you can spot a lie from a mile off? The next time that you think you are being lied to, watch out for these body language signs that usually give a liar away.

1. A change in breathing
When someone tells a lie they can seem a little out of breath, so watch for any changes in the persons breathing for your first clue. Lying makes the blood pressure rise and the pulse rate increase and that leads to a person breathing quicker, shallower breaths.

2. Watch their eyes
Liars will do one of two noticeable things with their eyes. The first thing that you might notice is that their eyes will flit from place to place and never settle on you.  Alternatively, the person may try and fix you in a stare; almost as though they are trying to will you believe what they are saying. Either way, their eyes won’t look the same as they usually do.

3. Hands in pockets or, out of sight
If it looks like that a person is trying to hide the palms of their hands, then they could be lying to you. They might put their hands in their pockets, or they might hide them under a table. If someone holds their open palms toward you, then that is a sign that they are being honest and open with you.

4. The pitch of their voice changes
The pitch of a liar’s voice is also different. It will either rise, to an almost pleading type of voice, or they could try and hide this by appearing to be angry, forceful and by over-emphasising points. Their voice certainty won’t sound as calm and casual as perhaps it usually does.

5. A flick of the tongue
People’s lips also tend to get dry when they lie, so you might notice a liar frequently licking his lips, or sticking out their tongue a tiny bit as they lie.

6. They repeat themselves
A liar will be seeking confirmation that their lie has been believed, so they will keep on repeating things to make sure that you believe their story. What they want to know for sure is that you have fallen for it, hook line and sinker.

7. They will put barriers between themselves and you
A liar will also try and put barriers up so that they can hide the truth from you. They might fold their arms, or sit the other side of a table, when they don’t really need to. It’s a subconscious way of keeping their distance from you so that you won’t see through them and the lie.

8. Long pauses for thought
The liars mind will be racing to make sure that they get their story straight. They have to think carefully, before they answer any questions while they make sure that they are not letting anything slip, or varying from the story they have worked out.

9. Fidgeting and touching their face
A liar will also probably touch their finger to their face as they talk. They are trying to hide their expression from you, in case you spot the fact that they are telling fibs.

10 Sudden head movements
A liar will also move their head suddenly, to one side, or to look down at their feet. This is to avoid having to look you in eye as they lie.

So, the next time that you think someone is lying, and you don’t want to go on the Jeremy Kyle show, watch out for these slight, tell-tale signs that will give the liar away and you’ll know not to believe a word they say, the next time you see them.