Ten Facts you didn’t know about Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge

Congratulations to Kate and William on the birth of their daughter. Prince William and his wife, Catherine, have brought a breath of fresh to the British Royal family and reignited the passion of Brits for all things Royal. We now have a reigning monarch who has become the much loved and well respected grandmother of the nation, two dashing young princes in William and Harry and, what would appear, to date, to be the fairy tale couple of William and Kate.  Catherine Middleton has now become the most photographed women in the world, whilst retaining an air of normality that has endeared her to millions. Here are ten facts about Late Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Britain’s future Queen.

1. She’d rather be called Catherine
The nickname of ‘Kate’ was only created by the British press and the wife of the Prince William, heir to throne, would much rather be called Catherine.  To be honest, Catherine has much more royal ring to it and, when she becomes Queen, she will be the sixth English Queen called Catherine.

2. Catherine really is a commoner
Much has been made of the Duchess of Cambridge’s being the first commoner likely to become the Queen of England. This is no myth; Catherine comes from a very working class background. Her relatives have included builders and coal miners and her mother used to be an air hostess.

3. She has a relative who is a stripper
Just to add to the truth of her ordinary background, Catherine has a second cousin who is a stripper and glamour model. Katrina Darling, the Duchess of Cambridge’s second cousin, twice removed, has appeared in playboy and  the men’s magazine, Loaded.

4. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is related to George Washington
Kate Middleton has some American ancestry. The Duchess and George Washington are eight times removed, cousins. Their common ancestor is one Sir William Gascoigne.

5. Why she is not called Princess Catherine
The precise reasons that Catherine Middleton is not called Princess Catherine are quite confusing and even Buckingham Palace officials have been vague on the point. It is to so with the fact that her position as a Duchess actually outranks the position of princess. If anything, tradition would dictate that she be known as; Princess William, the Duchess of Cambridge.

6. Kate’s engagement ring, belonged to Prince Harry
The famous engagement ring that was originally given by Prince Charles to Lady Dianna Spencer was not Prince Williams to give. It officially belonged to Prince Harry but, the prince was gracious enough to allow Prince William to give it to Catherine.

7. The Duchess of Cambridge holds a high-jump record
Catherine is the proud holder of a high jump record. She set the school record for the high-jump while she was at school at St. Andrew’s School in Berkshire. Her record of 1.5 metres has still yet to be beaten.

8. Kate and William are related
Prince William and his wife Catherine are distant relatives. They share a common relative is Sir Thomas Leighton, who was an Elizabethan soldier and the governor of Guernsey who had a reputation as being a cut-throat murderer

9. She is a keen sports fan
The Duchess is a keen player and spectator of sports. During the 20132 London Olympics, she was an ambassador for team GB and she is said to be a keen fan of many different sports.

10. She is not allergic to horses!
Despite all the rumours, Catherine is not allergic to horses. Palace officials have out paid to that rumour which is probably a bit of luck given the royal family’s love of the noble beasts.

Image source: By Ricky Wilson [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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