Earn a living writing – part, or full time?

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You can earn a good living writing, or can earn extra cash doing it part time. Don’t give up the day job, though, until you are confident that your writing will pay your bills.

How quickly you can begin to earn a full time income from your writing really cannot be guaranteed, so don’t fall for the line spun by some websites that tell you can get rich tomorrow by working online. The objective of this series of posts is to show you how to develop both an ongoing income stream and how to build recurring, or passive, income stream. 

How much money can you earn content writing?
The way that you earn decent money writing on the web is to spread your efforts over a number of different outlets. In this series of posts, we will be looking at six different ways to earn income, all which can be worked on at the same time, part-time, or full time:
  • Micro job websites
  • Content Mills
  • Revenue share websites
  • Blogging
  • Direct customers
  • e-books

We will be looking at exactly how you can maximise your earnings from each if these sources later on, but to introduce you to each, here is a brief description of how they work and the earnings that you can expect from each.

Micro job websites
Micro job websites are online marketplaces where you can advertise and sell your services. You can place an advertisement, which is very easy to do and costs you nothing, for example, you might advertise your services to “Write content articles of 500 words for $5, $10, $20 etc.”

Content Mills
My definition of what a content mill might vary from other peoples, but I classify a content mill as a website on which you can sell articles, or write articles to customer’s requests. The income that you can generate from these sites varies from providing short customer articles for a few dollars for 500 words, to selling your own pre-written articles for a price that you set yourself.

Revenue share websites
With revenue share websites, you can produce articles and publish them on a third party website and you will be paid a share of advertising revenue that the site makes when people view your work. The income from these sites is typically very low to begin with, but it can be a way of developing a reasonable recurring income, over time.

Starting your own blog is definitely something that I would recommend, but that is initially for getting you into the habit of writing and for use as a showcase of your work. You can monetize your blog with google advertising and affiliate advertising, but it does take time to develop an audience for a blog.

Direct Customers
Direct customers, as the name suggests, are those customers that you write for regularly and they pay you directly. You can pick up this type of customers through your own advertising efforts and also through job boards and writer’s websites. The price that you will get paid for direct work will depend on the customer and the type of website, but it can be as much as $100 per article, or more.

Self-publishing is now very easy to do and you can make some good money by writing and publishing your own books. You can sell your e-books from anything from a few cents to however many dollars you think the book is worth and, of course, if it is good, you could sell your book by the thousands.

Part-time or full time?
In answer to the original question set at the beginning of the chapter, the sooner you get on with it the sooner you can start to earn some money, but don’t bank on earning a whopping great income from day one.

Established writers with a mature blog, regular customers and maybe a couple of e-books under their belts, will be easily earning six figure salaries and well on their way to retirement, but that doesn’t happen overnight.

If you can afford to not earn a lot of money to begin with, then go for it full time, but you can still make a success of writing by starting off part-time, and building your revenue streams first, before you quit the day job.

I will be going through all these ways of earning money from writing in future posts, so follow me or check back soon to find out more on how to earn money writing online.

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