How do you make money writing online?

I’ve been writing online, and making money from my writing, for about three years now, so you’d have thought that answering the question of how you make money from writing would be quite a simple one to answer, wouldn’t you. The problem is, though I think I spent most the first eighteen months of those three years faffing about trying to find the elusive  answer to the ‘how do you make money from writing’ question myself!

If you are like me, then once you get an idea in your head, you want to get on with it, not spend months on end trawling the internet looking for writing opportunities and going down blind alleys. So, to answer this question where do you start when you want to earn money from your writing, I decided to write a book. The thing is, I don’t really have the patience for that either, so I am going to publish my very own guide to making a living from writing here on my blog instead!

What I’m aiming to do, over the next few weeks, is to provide a short, online guide that will get anyone started in a writing career fast and without the pain of having to do all the research themselves.

I have a very good reason to make this an effective guide to starting an online writing career too. The person who asked me for advice was my ex-wife and, the more money she makes on her own, the less she’s going to be asking me for!

I will be covering everything from how to go about writing articles that people will pay for, through where to sell your written work and where to look for freelance writing jobs. So stay tuned and get it for free now, while it’s on the blog, because when it is finished, it will be turned into an e-book for publishing.

The first thing that I have done is to do a bit of research into online resources that are available for the budding online writer and I came across one that is a bit if a gem. I did, in the early days of my writing career, waste money and time on some downloads and subscription sites that promised the earth and unlimited leads for paid writing work that turned out to be, at the best optimistic with their promises. This package, though, that I have downloaded myself and checked it out, is a good starting point for anyone who wants to earn a living writing online.

Real Writing Jobs, as the site is called, provides you with some great information on how to write content articles, how to get started, how to make money from a blog, and much more. We are not talking about three or four page PDF’s here either, we are talking full blown e-books.  Just as important for the new online writer, Real Writing Jobs also includes access to a neat freelance writing job-board that lists all the lasts freelance writing opportunities available from the top freelancing sites, but neatly listed in one place. Believe me; that alone will save you hours of time a day flicking in and out of different sites when you are looking for paid writing work.

I’m not one to play advertising tricks on people; there is a small membership fee to pay before you get access to the site, but I genuinely think that it’s worth it for anyone looking to start a career in online writing.

Membership of Real Writing Jobs will provide you with:

Writing job database; updated daily
List of current premium writing jobs
Lists of paid writing competitions
E-Book - Make Money as a Professional Blogger
E-Book – Guide to Article Writing
Loads of tips and guides for new writers

For the pocket money price that you pay; joining Real Writing Jobs is a great place to start your new career in writing. Writing articles for money is, without a doubt, the best job that I’ve ever had and I’ve had quite a few. I do work from home, I do work the hours that I want to and I do get immense satisfaction from writing for a living. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, we’ve all seen enough of those; it is a proper job. If you want to learn how to make money from writing, full or part time, take a look at Real Writing Jobs and keep an eye on my blog for the next post in my make money from writing series that will be coming up in the next few weeks.

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