Ten Classic Only Fools and Horses Moments

Only Fools and Horses
March 2014, the BBC screened a one off special edition of Only Fools and Horses, with guest star David Beckham, which brought back all the happy the happy memories of Britain’s best loved TV shows that has ever been produced. In the sports relief Beckham Fools and Horses, actors David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst resurrected once more the loveable characters of Del Boy and Rodney and left us wanting for more.

Contrary to popular rumour, the episode was just a one off, it was not ‘the missing script’ and it is not a trailer for a new series, so alas, we have only the best, but timeless classic moments of Only Fools and Horses to look back on and enjoy and this, perhaps last ever, visit to the Peckham, London world of Del Boy and Rodney.

If you missed the one off Sports Relief episode of Only Fools and Horses, you can watch it below.

Written by the late John Sullivan, Only Fools and horses was a great British Comedy that mixed the bitter with the sweet in a perfect cocktail. There were seven series, originally broadcast on the BBC between 1981 and 1991 and occasional Christmas specials up until the last in 2003.

Hard to believe now, but the show had a relatively slow start, when it the first episodes were screened, but it went on to achieve the record for the highest UK audience ratings, ever, for a single episode of a situation comedy. That episode was ‘Time on Our Hands’ (the one where Del and Rodney finally do become millionaires) and it attracted an audience of 24.3 million viewers, which represented over a third of the entire population at that time.

The show received both popular and critical acclaim and received many awards and recognition from the National Television Awards, BAFTA and the Royal Television Society. It was also voted the Best Sitcom in a BBC poll in 2004.

The much loved sitcom has also had an impact on British culture itself with catchphrases from the show having now become a common part of the English Language (To Brits anyway) such as “Lovely Jubbly”, “You plonker” and “Mange tout Rodney, mange tout!”.

Ten classic moments from Only Fools and Horses
Check out these ten classic clips from Only Fools and Horses. There are, of course, thousands more but there's only so much space on one page!

1. Batman and Robin
The Batman and Robin episode of Fools and Horses, or ‘Heroes and Villains’ as it was actually titled, was first screened on Christmas Day 1996 and attracted an audience of over twenty one million people in the UK. One of the best known and most memorable scenes from Only Fools and Horses.

2. Play it Cool Trigger
The combination of David Jason's perfect comic fall and the deadpan face of Roger Lloyd-Pack’s Trigger make this one of the best loved comic moments of British TV. It doesn't matter how many times you watch it, you can’t help but laugh.

3. We ain't got a car phone
Rodney gets his revenge on Del for an incident with a sun bed and Del Boy gets and instant lesson in hang-gliding in a brilliant scene from the "Tea for Three" episode of Fools and Horses, first broadcast in September 1986. The look on Dels’ face as it slowly dawns on him what is about to happen, is pure magic.

4. Del and Rodney Smash the Chandelier
You know something’s going to happen, it just has to, but you still get a surprise when it does. This 1982 "A Touch of Glass" episode has Rodney, Del Boy and Grandad fronting it out as professional chandelier cleaners with the inevitable results. Dare I say it again? Comedy classic.

5. Dels poker face
Del beats Boycie at his own game in this clip from this 1982 episode of Fools and Horses, "A Losing Streak". Having lost everything to Boycies’ dubious poker playing skills, Del gets his revenge by winning with ‘Two pairs’.

6. If it's a boy, they're calling it Rodney, after Dave
The brilliant late Roger Lloyd-Pack playing Trigger at his finest as he tries to work out what the name of Dell and Raquels’ new baby will be. Although Trigger didn’t have a massive part, in terms of time on screen, he did play a major role in the comedy of the show and the running Del / Rodney joke never got boring.

7. Inflatable dolls
Inflatable sex dolls filled with an explosive gas was the subject matter for the 1989 episode "Danger UXD" of Only Fools and Horses. In this clip, poor old Uncle Albert gets the blame for some strange noises in the flat.

8. Granddad's funeral
Leonard Pierce, who played Granddad, died in December 1984, midway through the filming of the episode "Hole in One". The filming schedule was re-ranged, Buster Merryfield joined the cast as Uncle Albert, and the touching episode "Strained Relations" was filmed to mark the passing of ‘Granddad’.

9. Damiens Christening
AT the Christening of Damien, Rodney is left holding the baby in this clip from the 1991 Christmas Special, Miami Twice. This is the Fools and Horses special where Del sells communion wine in bulk, only to discover that what he has sold is white wine.

10. Del and Rodney become millionaires
The moment the nation had been waiting for. Del actually becomes a millionaire. In the 1996 Christmas special, "Time On Our Hands" the Peckham pair find an antique watch that finally makes them rich. Of course it couldn’t last and they lost their fortune again in the next Christmas special, but it was a fantastic moment.

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