10 Things a Man Should Do To Keep His Wife Happy and Save His Marriage!

It’s a real shame, but, women don’t come with an owner’s manual like a car does, so men have to work out how to maintain a wife and keep her happy, by trial and error and a whole lot of good luck. If you are looking for some advice and tips on how to be a good husband, don’t listen to the condescending guy who has been married forever, listen to someone who screwed up his own marriage, good and proper! Here are ten, straight talking and honest, tips on how to keep your wife happy and keep a marriage strong.

1. Listen to her
Women do seem to pick their moments to talk about important things, but you would be wise not to ignore her. Whether you are knackered after a long day at work, or even if England are just about to score the winning goal (we live in hope), listen closely to what your wife is saying. Seriously, they do have important things to say sometimes, so pay attention, or she will really get the hump with you!

2. Do your share of jobs around the home
Your dad may have been the bread winner at home and your mum may have done all the housework, but those days are long gone. Just doing the manly things, like fixing a wobbly shelf, or washing the car, isn’t going to be enough. You need to, at least, offer to do the dishes, put the vacuum cleaner around and generally pull your weight around the home. That is, if you want to keep your wife sweet and happy.

3. Give her respect
You wouldn’t show up late for work, so don’t show up late for lunch with your wife. The small signs of respect that you can show her, like keeping to your promises and saying thanks sometimes are just as important as the bigger ones. Give your wife the same amount of respect that you give to anyone who is important to you.

4. Give her praise and encouragement
Don’t run down her ideas about studying for a degree, or starting a new career. Encourage her to her best and help her to achieve her goals. She has as much right as you do to follow her dreams and you should be the one encouraging her to do so. Listen to what her dreams are and do all you can to help, and encourage her to follow them.

5. Accept her for who she is
You fell in love with those girlish ways that you didn’t really understand, so don’t ridicule her for them now that you are married. Sure, you have no idea why she finds the shopping channel on TV interesting or how going shopping and buying nothing can be fun. Just because you don’t get it, that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t do it, or that you should make fun of her for doing it.

6. Don’t forget the anniversaries
They may not mean too much to you, but you really mustn’t forget those all important dates. Her Birthday, the day you got married, the day you got engaged; they are all important days to remember. Put those dates in the diary on your phone, or on your laptop; it’s not that hard to do. Set the reminder for a few days before as well, because a bunch of cheap, wilting flowers that you picked up from the gas station on the way home are just not going to work.

7. Learn how to back down from a fight
Save your competitive nature for another day; you don’t have to win every fight you have you with your wife. It’s much better, and more peaceful, if you reach a compromise that you can both be happy with. Back down, when you know you should, and be fully prepared to say sorry, and to mean it, when you know you are in the wrong.

8. Don’t become a slob
So, you have your feet under the table, you think can relax and let yourself go a bit? No chance! Show the girl some respect and smarten yourself up when you go out with her, especially when visiting her parents. Even when you are at home, keep up with the personal grooming and hygiene and be someone that she can be proud of.

9. Show her you love her
Do you remember these wonderful romantic gestures that you used to make? The sweet Valentine’s Day gifts, the surprise nights out, and the love letters you used to send? Yep, you will have to keep all of that up to, if you want to let her know how much you really care. The ladies love a romantic man, so don’t let leave it for else provide that romance for her.

10. Never forget that she has a choice
Last, but not least, never, ever, ever, forget that your wife does have a choice. You may well have a certificate that says you are married and she has a ring on her finger that you think says she is yours. You may even be so conceited as to think that no one else would put up with her, but believe me, you would be wrong. If you have found a wife that loves you, as much as you love her, never take that love for granted. If you don’t take care of it, it can slip from your grasp before you even truly realise what you have lost.

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