About Artois52 Life - Niche, What Niche?

I figured that it was time to write an about page for Artois52 Life and explain what on earth this blog is all about.  They say that a blog should have a particular niche for it to be successful, but I don’t care for niches and pigeon holes, so I write about whatever takes my interest at the time.

I believe that we are in danger of becoming far too pigeonholed by modern technology. We have advertisements on the internet targeted at our own interests and preferences and advertisers try and fit us into neat little categories so that we can be sold to more easily. Even the written word is being driven by advertising revenue with content writers trying to find the words that will turn up in Google searches and attract people who will buy a particular product. Yes, I want to make money from my blog and yes, I want to attract visitors, but I’ll be damned if I will write purely for that purpose.

I earn a living writing content like that, so my blog is my escape where I can write about whatever I like. At the moment, I’m having a burst of nostalgia, so I’m writing about 1970‘s and 1980’s TV shows, next month I may write about my experiences of being a recovering alcoholic, the month after that; who knows?

If this blog has any niche at all, then that niche is me! That means that there will be no way to neatly categorize this site because I like classical music and I like punk, I read Shakespeare and I read Stephen King, and I watch the Horror Channel on some nights and a Christian channel on others.

If I have any plan for this blog at all, it would be that it becomes a website that many different people can gain something from. It will have some trivia, some advice and the occasional personal rant, but don’t expect anything to fit into neat little holes! My own life has been one hell of a mixed bag, so my blog will be too. What it won’t ever be, however, is a daily update of what I had for dinner!

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In the meantime; I hope you enjoy what you see here!

All the best