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Make money writing on
Is a scam? Or, can you really make money selling your writing services on sites like

Continuing on with my series of posts on how to make money writing online, here is an honest review of selling your content writing in micro-job websites like

Despite the negative reviews that you may have seen, sites like Fiverr are a way of earning some money fast from your writing. When I first started out with the idea to make a living writing content, I got my first order on Fiverr within twenty four hours of setting up my account there and I earned over $1,000 within in my first few months.

I believe that if you are new to writing content for money, advertising your services in Fiverr and similar sites is a great way to get started on your writing career and to earn some cash pretty fast. It will also teach you how to write to deadlines and give you a good idea of what type of content people are looking for.

I will write another post on how to make sites like Fiverr work for you and provide a list of sites that work in a similar way to Fiverr. In the meantime, here is a review of to give you an idea of what it is like to sell your writing services there.

Make money writing, fiverrWhy I chose
I decided to try to make a full time living from writing some time ago and began to research the idea further. I discovered revenue sharing sites that I discussed in the post How to Make Money Publishing Articles on a Revenue Sharing Site, and I came to the conclusion that these are great for a long term investment of effort in the generation of a passive, recurring income but not so hot if you need some cash now. I also considered Constant Content (Which will be discussed in a later post), but was dissuaded by the many comments about the high level of grammatical correctness that they require in their articles, grammar not being my strongest point!

After a bit more trawling on Google, I found and, as nothing ventured, nothing gained, I decided to give it a go. Registration is simple and it didn’t take long to get my first gig for content writing up and running so I sat back, ready to be disappointed.

But, lo and behold, and much to my immense surprise, I woke up the following morning to find that I had my first order and since then I have had something to write, and be paid for, nearly every day. So, in answer to the question; can you make money on The answer is a definite yes. Just don’t book your cruise holiday just yet!

How Works
The principle of is simple. You can place an advert or ‘Gig’ for virtually any type of micro job that you like. It could be writing, translation, creating a video, anything and you can charge an initial fee of $5 for that piece of work. You can set the parameters of your work, for example, in a writing gig; you might offer to write up to 200 words for $5, but remember that it is a market place, so offering to write five words for $5 won’t get you very far.

Hopefully, a buyer will place an order for your gig and they pay their $5 up front. You get your money, less the sites 20%, commission, once you have completed the work and the buyer has accepted it. There is, however, a fourteen day ‘clearance’ time before you can draw down your earnings into your PayPal account.

Seller Levels on
When you first start as a seller with, buyers can only order one gig at a time for $5.00, but as you complete more orders and stay active on the site, you can progress through a series of levels, which starts to make the process a bit more profitable by allowing you to add ‘Gig Extras’ such as writing an extra 500 words for $10.00 more or delivering an order ‘extra fast’. These different levels also give buyers the opportunity to order multiple gigs in one order. Also, the higher the level you are, the greater the prominence your gig is given on the site.

Make money writing, Advantages of
The advantages of
The advantages of being on to me have been threefold:

1. It made me write! It is one thing to decide that you are going to be a freelance writer, but it’s quite another to get up in the morning and start writing. When an order is placed on your gig on Fiverr, you get a deadline to write to and, if you don’t deliver on time, the buyer can elect to cancel the order. So you finally have an incentive to get on with your writing.

2. Even though it’s not a lot, you see some real money for your efforts in just over fourteen days. The buyer can leave comments about your work too so you get some feedback, which can be a great incentive to keep on writing.

3. It has also been a great way to learn what people are prepared to pay for to have written for them and it gave me a far better idea of what the content market is all about.

Make money writing, Disadvantages of Fiverr.comThe disadvantages of
The main disadvantage is the obvious one; just $5 a gig. Though this can be overcome to a degree by offering gig extras and reducing what you are prepared to do for the first $5, it still means that are competing in a market where others may by offering the same service at just the entry rate of $5.

The other disadvantage is that while some articles have been interesting and enjoyable to write, others have been tedious to say the least and, when you start to think about the small amount of money you are going to earn from a piece of writing that is barely keeping you awake, it can be tough to find the enthusiasm to finish the work.

Can you make a living at
The answer to that, in theory, is yes. To begin with orders came in ones and twos, but the longer I was active on the site the more regular those orders have become. The earnings have been really restricted by how long it takes me to write each article rather than the volume of work. I also gained a number of regular customers who placed reasonably large orders on a regular basis which helps. The question is more one of do you really want to spend most of your time writing articles that potentially don’t interest you in the slightest? in summary
Basically, gets the thumbs up from me. It’s been a good base from which, I was able to build a career as a freelance writer. I do however now spread my workload across more platforms and I still see sites like Hub Pages and my blog as a good source of recurring, passive income for the future.

I would definitely recommend that new writers do give a go. More established writers do knock sites like Fiverr, because if the low pay that you get per article, but then they are established, so they can demand higher rates. Anyway, if you do find that you don’t like it, then you just suspend your gigs or delete them. Fiverr costs nothing to join and you make no commitments, so you have nothing to lose!

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