How to Make Money Publishing Articles on a Revenue Sharing Site

Writing on a revenue sharing site will further hone your online writing skills, give you the opportunity to interact with and learn from other writers and it will give you another, long term, passive income stream.

Revenue sharing websites do get a mixed response from writers, but as a new writer, I found the experience enlightening and extremely useful. The income that you can earn from a site like these can be disheartening to begin with, but I would suggest that you stick with it and publish regularly, if only for the feedback and interaction with other writers that you can gain. Having said that, there are writers, who make a living publishing on revenue share writing sites and it can be a good source of passive income too. Like all of these things, it’s a long term investment of effort that will earn you a good passive income.

In this guide to making money writing for revenue share sites, we will cover:

  • How it works
  • Why not just blog?
  • Choosing your topics
  • Interacting in the sites’ community
  • How much money you can make
  • Making revenue share sites a part of your overall plan
  • List of revenue shares

How revenue share sites work
Whilst the percentage share of revenue may change from site to site and the additional ways to earn money may differ slightly, the basic premise is the same for all of them. You write the content and the site owners will share a percentage of any revenue that is generated from advertising that they can place with your content. On some of the sites, you can place advertisements for eBay products, or Amazon products that relate to your content and you will earn a commission on any sales that those ads create.

How often you get paid will also vary from site to site, because they have different pay out thresholds. Hub pages, for example, do not pay out until your income reaches $50, whereas some other sites are as low as 50c.

Why not just blog?
I discussed blogging as being a good way to start your writing career in the previous post: How to Earn a Living by Writing – Start a Blog, and I said that you can place ads and earn money from your blog, so why use revenue share sites at all? Here are the reasons:

  • Faster Income generationFrom an income perspective, revenue share sites are already established. They have advertising programmes in place, they have an established user base and they are already ranked in the search engines. That means that have a greater chance of attracting people to read your content and, therefore, a greater chance of generating revenue. Even though you only get a share of that revenue, in my experience, you will earn more money, in the short term, from revenue share sites, than you will from your still very young blog. 
  • It’s a great way to hone your writing skillsYou will also find writing in revenue share sites educational. You can interact with other writers in the community, you get to publish your work and see what kind of content attracts the most views, and you get paid for doing all this. 
  • You can generate traffic to your blogWriting both a blog and publishing on revenue sharing sites is not a waste of time, because in most of these sites, you can include a do-follow link to your blog. That will help get your blog ranked by Google and it will help drive traffic to it too.

Choosing your topics
On all the revenue share writing websites that I have looked at, you can pretty much write on whatever topic you like. They all have some restrictions on topics like no pornography and no offensive material. Some also have restrictions on areas such as gambling, medicinal products like Viagra, and wonder diet pills. What they want you to write are informative, interesting articles that will attract readers and not just sales text to drive someone to an affiliate page, or link.

Other than the sites own restrictions, you are normally allowed to write on any topic. The best way to choose a topic for an article is to choose something that you are interested in, because it will be a lot easier to write and a lot more fun. Do remember though, that most people turn to the internet to find the answer to a question, so your best chances for getting views is with a topic that answers a question, or gives some unique information, or advice about a topic.

Interacting with the sites’ community
Sites like Hub Pages are communities as well as just publishing platforms and, the more you interact with other users, the more views of your own work you will get. You will find that spending half an hour a day liking other peoples content, participating in forums, and commenting on other peoples work will increase the traffic to your own pages. It can also be very useful reading some of the discussions about earning money by writing and you could get some very valuable tips and ideas.

How much money you can make
You will see negative comments on the internet about revenue share sites, but they have been left by people who have not given it enough time. Don’t expect to get rich on your first article, because you certainly won’t. In fact, you will probably feel like giving up within the first few months because your income is so low, but view these sites as a long term investment for your future passive income, or even a pension scheme if you like. Having said that, if you were to devote your whole day to publishing work on sites like Hub Pages, there are people that make a full time living from it, but they will have had a lot of articles already posted.

Publish regularly, interact with users, and choose topics that people want to read, and you will see your income steadily increase. You can also publicise your work through social media sites and bookmarking sites, which will be covered in a later SEO chapter.

Making revenue share sites a part of your overall plan
Revenue sharing sites are, without a doubt, a long term investment in your future as a writer. They are a way of showcasing your skill as a writer, learning from other writers, and of developing a steady, passive income. I would be very wary of any revenue share sites that appear to offer large incomes quickly. The last one to do that was called Bubblews and they soon found out that their model was not sustainable and a lot of people were left being owed money. Spread your writing efforts over many different outlets, or to put it another way, don’t put all your eggs into one basket!