Jeremy Corbyn – Do you really want this man to be your Prime Minister?

At last! British politics just got interesting again. Jeremy Corbyn was elected the leader of opposition on 12th September 2015 and, in just one week; he has managed to alienate royalists, patriots, business leaders and rugby fans alike. That’s pretty good going for a week in politics, just imagine what he could do as our prime minister! Should we be admiring him for his honesty and his sticking to his principles? Or should we just be laughing at the way that he undoubtedly destroying all the credibility of the Labour Party.

Has any British politician ever made so many blunders in a single week as Jeremy Corbyn has made? 

1. He refused to sing the National Anthem
Corbyn got his new career off to a superb start by refusing to sing the national anthem at a Battle of Britain memorial service held in honour of World War Two heroes. Clap hands for Corbyn, you just offended veterans, current members of the armed forces, royalists and every patriot and decent person in the UK, all in one go.

2. He appointed a Shadow Chancellor who is pro IRA
The new Shadow Chancellor recently appointed by Jeremy Corbyn is better known for his support of terrorists than he is for his ability to manage the treasury. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell once made a speech at a pro IRA rally where he demanded vengeance for the families of IRA terrorists who had been killed in the conflict.

3. He already faces his first cabinet mutiny
Ardent pacifist Corbyn has said that his party will oppose air strikes on IS militants in Syria, but his party doesn’t seem to agree with him. At least 50% of the cabinet that he appointed only days ago are said to be prepared to vote for this type of intervention.  You only gave them their new jobs this week, Mr Corbyn, and they are already voting against you!

4. He wants to re-nationalise the railways
Actually, if he gets half the chance, he will re-nationalise anything that moves! For anyone who remembers what British Rail was like, it will be a mystery why anyone would want to return to those days. We had dirty trains that always ran late and a rail system that only ran when the trade unions said that it could. How we all miss those glorious days of nationalised industries, endless strikes, power cuts and rubbish piling up in the streets!

5. He doesn’t even look like a Prime Minister!
It really hasn’t been a good start for Jeremy Corbyn has it? Not only has he put his foot in mouth wherever he has gone, three quarters of the population think that he doesn’t even look like a prime minister. To add insult to injury, another poll found that he’s already lost the support of one fifth of all Labour Voters as well.

6. He couldn’t be bothered to attend the Rugby World Cup opening
Not content with having already alienated the vast majority if UK citizens, Jeremy Corbyn snubbed loyal sports fans too by not bothering to attend the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup. Jez, showing your support at such major national events is a part of the job; didn’t any of your advisors tell you that?

7. He appointed a convicted arsonist to his front bench
It also seems that Corbyn has struggled to find people who will work with him, because one of his front bench appointments, Lord Watson, is a convicted arsonist. Lord Collins was caught on security cameras setting fire to a curtain in a hotel in Edinburgh and sentenced to sixteen months in jail.

8. Corbyn also wants to alienate the rest of the world!
Jeremy Corbyn is a republican, so presumably not a big fan of the commonwealth. He also wants to take the UK out of NATO and he has stated in the past, or though he seems to have recently backtracked in this one, that he wants us out of the EU too. That doesn’t leave many countries left in the world to be our friends, except, of course, Mr Corbyn’s chums in Moscow and Peking.

9. His peace organisation insulted the Queen
The Stop the War Coalition, which Corbyn was the chairman of, up until a day or so ago, published a tirade against the Royal Family in their website that had the headline “The criminal record of Britain's longest reigning monarch and her royal family of arms dealers and friends to despots and dictators.” That’ll make it tricky to talk to the Queen should he ever become Prime Minister.

10. He has already been given an ultimatum by his own party
The Liberal Democrats are expecting a huge surge in support as disgruntled Labour supporters look for a new party. The Conservatives aren’t even bothering going on the attack, they know that Jeremy Corbyn of doing enough damage all by himself. The party that voted comrade Corbyn their leader have already set an eight month deadline for him to pull something out of the hat. Eight months? Boy you guys are brave, look what he’s done in just a week!