Quit Smoking, and These Ten Things Will Happen

10 things that will happen when you quit smoking
If you have been smoking for a long time, you will have heard all the warnings about what it is doing to your health and seen all the graphic pictures in the cigarette packets. You probably think that you have been smoking for so long that the damage has already been done, so why should you give up smoking now? Well, that’s how I thought, so I looked into what the benefits of quitting smoking would be for a smoker today, tomorrow, and in a few months’ time from the day that they smoked their last cigarette. Here are ten of the benefits of stopping smoking that happens quickly, and that aren’t all about your health.

1. You will be able to taste your food
Have you ever noticed that you put more salt and pepper on your food than anyone else? That’s because you have lost your sense of taste over the years and you constantly have the taste of smoke in your mouth. Your taste buds start to recover within the first few days, so you will soon be able to enjoy those milder flavours in your food again.

2. Your kids will stop worrying about you
Your children have been brought up being told what smoking can do to a person. They see graphic images of damaged lungs in school, and you probably tell them yourself about the dangers of taking up smoking. That does play on their minds and your children would be the first to be relieved to see you quit the habit.

3. You will save a load of money
Have you ever worked out how much you spend in a year on tobacco products? I did. And it’s frightening! With cigarettes approaching £10 a pack in the UK, the maths becomes kind of easy doesn’t it? A, twenty a day, smoker will soon be puffing away £3,650 per year.

4. You won’t smell so bad
Smokers have no idea just how bad they smell! It’s on your skin, in your hair, and all over your clothes. That smell of smoke is far stronger than you realise and, when you quit smoking, you suddenly realise how bad it is when stand next to someone who is still smoking.

5. You won’t have to stand out in the rain anymore
You are in a minority these days if you smoke and that’s why you are banished outdoors in the wind, rain and snow for your nicotine fix. If you quit smoking, you can sit with your friends all evening and not have to keep getting up to go outside. They are now even talking about banning smoking in beer gardens, so you will be out in the street soon, if you want a cigarette while you are enjoying a night in the pub.

6. Your home will be cleaner
If you do smoke in your home, you will know that the grime gets into everything, from the paintwork, to the TV screen. Not to mention the ash that falls on the carpet and the ashtrays that constantly need emptying. Even if you don’t smoke indoors, you still have to pick up the butts from the garden. When you stop smoking, you can have a good clean of your home and know that it will stay clean for longer.

7. You will waste less time
I do have some sympathy for non-smokers who complain about the smoking breaks their colleagues take. A ten minute smoke break every hour ads up to a lot of wasted time in a day, so you will become more productive too when you quit.

8. You will feel more awake
Your heart rate and your blood pressure begin to return normal within half an hour of your last cigarette and, within twelve hours, all the carbon monoxide will have been eliminated from your system. That means more oxygen will be in your blood and getting to your brain, so you will feel more alert and awake within a day of stopping smoking.

9. You will be able to smell things again
This was one of the first things I noticed when I quit for the first time, several years ago. It was in the summer and I suddenly realised that I could smell the cut grass again. Sounds weird, I know, but after that I noticed I could smell all sorts of things that I had been missing for a long time. Not all smells are pleasant, of course, but at least I could smell them!

10. You won’t have to listen to the lectures anymore
Last, but not least, you will never have to sit through a lecture from your family or friends ever again. All those little digs, comments and “Haven’t you quit yet?” type of questions will disappear and you will be to have a conversation without somebody mentioning the hazards of smoking.