Revenue Share Writing Sites 2015

As discussed in the post: “How to Make Money Publishing Articles on a Revenue Sharing Sites”, websites like Hub Pages, where you can publish your written work and earn a share of advertising revenue, are a great way to build up a steady, reliable, recurring income stream for writers. Here is a list five such sites that are active at the time of writing and a brief description of each.

Hub Pages is one of the best known revenue share sites there is. You can write on any topic you like and then get a share of advertising revenue plus you can place advertisements within your articles for Amazon and e-bay products. One potential drawback to Hub Pages is that their minimum pay-out threshold is $50.There is also a referral scheme with Hub Pages from which you can earn 10% of the revenue created by any writers that you refer to the site.

Wikinut is a content publication site that pays you 50% of the advertising revenue generated from the pages that you write and you can earn further income by becoming a moderator on the site, if you have the time. Wkiniut also have a referral scheme where you can earn 5% of the revenue generated by writers who join through your referral. The minimum pay-out on Wikinut is GBP 5.00.

Make money writing, Triond
Triond works a bit differently from most other revenue share websites in that your written work is posted onto a network of blogs, rather than just on the main Triond Site. You will receive 50% of the advertising revenue from Triond. They pay out on the 15th of every month, the minimum pay-out being just $0.50c. There is also a referral program with Triond that will earn you 10% of any writers’ earnings that you have referred to the site, but to qualify for the referral scheme, you must have received at least one payment for your own content.

Infobarrel is another of the revenue share content sites that you make money from and this one gives you 75% of the revenue that they generated through their own ad program. They too have a referral program and that pays 2% of revenues earned by anyone who signs up using your referral link. The minimum pay-out in Infobarrel is $60.

ArticleIncome is a revenue share website that syndicates your work out to a number of related websites. The share of advertising revenue that you can earn varies from 50% to 75%, depending on the quality of your writing and the number of articles you have published.