Ten Unbelievably Simple Ways to Save Money

Saving money need not be a painful process of cutting back on the luxuries that you really enjoy; you can save a lot by just using a bit of common sense and cutting back on wastage. As they say, if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves, so here is a list of ten, amazingly simple, money saving tips that, over time, could save you a lot.

1. Share your commute to work
How many cars do you see every weekday morning with only one person in it? You can almost guarantee that someone else who lives near to you does almost the exact same journey that you do in your car. Ask around your friends and neighbours and see if anyone is willing to car share. It will save you both a load of money on petrol every week.

2. Switch off your lights at home
What’s the point of leaving the light in in the kitchen when you are watching TV in the lounge? Get into the habit of switching off the lights when you leave a room and that will shave a few pennies off your electric bill.

3. Grow your own vegetables
You don’t need to be a born horticulturist to shove a few seeds in the ground! Give over some of your garden to vegetables and you could grow your own potatoes, cabbage, onions and other vegetables. They don’t need a lot of taking care of and it means that you are getting your veg for next to nothing.

4. Cut the coupons out of magazines and newspapers
Another way to save money is to cut all those coupons that you see in newspapers and magazines. You can save quite a lot if you save those up and make use of them on your next shop. Like all these money saving tips, it’s not a lot saved on one coupon, but add them all up and it’s a different matter.

5. Start saving your spare change
Many people literally throw money away when they empty out their pockets of all the loose pennies and other small change. Put all that shrapnel in a large bottle and in few months’ time, take it to the bank and get it changed for some real money.

6. Buy in bulk
Buying in bulk can save you a fortune, so get a membership of your local cash-and-carry store and stock up on dried goods monthly. Even in the supermarket, the larger the packet the more you will get for your money.

7. Buy own brand products
Why buy Heinz, when you can buy Tesco’s own for a lot less money? You’ve seen the money saving tip adverts on TV where, in blind testing, people don’t know the difference between a brand name and a supermarkets’ own product. Give it a go, you find the same thing is true for you too.

8. Look for the ‘drink included’ food deals in pubs
If you want to eat a meal out, then try pubs that serve food with a drink included. You can get a decent meal and your favourite beer for only a couple of pounds more than you would have paid for the beer on its own.

9. Make one day a week a no spend day
OK, so you can’t sit in the dark and not go to work, but you could have one day a week where you don’t spend any money in shops. Use up what food you have in your cupboards at home and make a meal out of some of those leftovers.

10. Get things repaired rather than buying new
Don’t just go out replace everything that breaks down, find out if it could be repaired. You could probably find a local guy who would repair your washing machine for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Don’t forget that computers and phones can be fixed too.

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