10 Insanely Simple Ways to Save Money

Money Saving Tips, 10 ways to save money
Once you get started on the money saving trip, it can actually get really addictive. You’ll find yourself hunting for bargains in stores, chewing out menu for the 2-for-1 price deals, and making a mental note of prices in supermarkets so that you can compare them later. Cutting back on your expenditure can be fun and it needn’t be painful at all. Here are ten more ridiculously simple ways that you can save money.

1. Buy stuff on EBay
EBay is a great place to find fantastic bargains and it’s not all people selling there unwanted second hand items. You can get brand new, or newly new, items for a fraction of the cost you would pay on the high street and many sellers offer a money back guarantee too.

2. Stop eating out
There is no question that eating your own home cooked meals is a lot cheaper than eating out in pubs and restaurants, and home cooked meals will be a lot better for you. If you do eat out regularly, cut down the number of times you do so, it’s a really easy way to keep a little more in your bank account.

3. Sing up for the store rewards cards
All the big stores do reward schemes now so sign up for them and don’t lose your card! All you’ve got to do is hard that little card to the cashier every time you pay for your groceries and you will be able to save money on future purchases.

4. Use your local library
When was the last time you visited your local library? They are not the musty old places they used to be and borrowing books is obviously a lot cheaper than buying news ones all the time. They lend everything from reference books to the latest bestsellers.

5. Use a pay as you go phone
Pay as you go phones can be a lot cheaper than contract phones and you are fully in control of how much you spend on it. It also makes you far more conscious of how much money you are spending on your phone calls, so it will probably make you stop using it for unnecessary calls.

6. Do more yourself
How many things are you paying other people to do that you are quite capable of doing for yourself? Things like, washing your car, decorating a room, doing the gardening, cleaning the windows, fixing a dripping tap. Before you pay someone else to do a job, have a think and see if you couldn’t do it yourself a lot cheaper.

7. Use your legs more often
If you are just going to the local shop for a single item that you forgot at the supermarket, why start up the car and waste petrol, if you can walk there and back in fifteen minutes? If you don’t use the car for those short journeys, you will save money, it will better for the environment, and, it will be better for your health too.

8. Clean the rubbish out of the boot of your car
If the boot of your car is full up with junk, you are wasting more petrol than you think carrying around that unnecessary weight. Every 50 pounds of weight you carry in the car reduces your fuel economy by 1%.

9. Quit smoking and cut down on alcohol
Smoking and drinking are horrendously expensive these days, so quitting smoking and cutting down on the booze, save you a lot of money. If you don’t believe me, try adding up how much you spend in a year on booze and cigarettes, you might get quite a shock!

10. Buy more of the supermarket branded products
If you live in the UK, you will have seen the ads on TV that suggest that people can’t tell the difference between Lidl products and the big brands. The same is true for most supermarkets’ own products, so try Tesco’s own, or Asda’s own as well, it will save you a lot on your weekly shop.

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