10 Things that You Are Doing that are Holding You Back

A lot of people go through life without ever having achieved the things that they were capable of. We get tied down by what we think we should be doing, what we believe other people want us to do, and our own fears get in the way of us achieving our full potential too. If you want to achieve things in life, you need drive, ambition, and persistence, but you also need to let go of the way of thinking that could be what is holding you back. If you think that you have it in you to achieve more, but you never seem to get around to giving it a go, read these ten things that could be the things that are holding you back.

1. You are too happy being a part of the crowd
People who achieve their full potential are not those who just melt into the crowd, they are the ones that stand out and they are not afraid to be different.   It may be easier to not say a word at a meeting at work, but it’s the guy that has the courage to voice his ideas that will eventually get the promotion.

2. You fear change
Resistance to change is a common theme in many management theory books, because so many of us are guilty of it. Yes, the devil we know is nearly always the easiest to live with, but trying to keep everything the same forever, will obviously never get you any further forward.

3. You like to play it safe
We are becoming so risk averse these days that it is becoming engrained in our minds. You don’t need be foolhardy to succeed, but you do need to take some calculated risks. If you want to achieve your potential, then you do run the risk of failure, but that is a risk worth taking, if you really do want to follow your dreams.

4. You are a procrastinator
You want to do it, you know you can do it, but you’ll make a start on it tomorrow. Before you can get anywhere near to your achieving your potential, you have to make up your mind to so something about it, and then actually do it!

5. You always put your responsibilities to other people first
We do have to take our responsibilities seriously, but you do have a responsibility to yourself too. If you want to strike out and make something of your life, you may well upset a few people along the way. Don’t be a people pleaser and let other people’s fears and their demands on you be the thing that holds you back.

6. You have grown to expect failure
If you have had few setbacks in life, then you might have got into the habit if expecting failure. Don’t forget that many millionaires have been bankrupt and that many inventors have come up with some pretty duff ideas. The difference is that, they learned from their mistakes and then they tried again.

7. You lose sight of the real goal
The journey to reaching your full potential could be a long and hard one, so it’s important that you don’t forget why you have undertaken it. If your goal was financial independence, don’t give up, just because you landed a cushy job! Don’t be distracted by things that happen along the way, keep that final goal in mind all the time.

8. You are too impatient
Rome wasn’t built in a day and, even Bill Gates didn’t really get rich overnight. Miracles do happen; you could win the lottery, but, realistically, reaching your full potential takes time and dedication, so don’t be too quick to give up trying.

9. You fell in love with the word ‘Impossible’
When you were a child, you thought that everything was possible. You were going to be an astronaut, a superhero, or a brilliant professor. OK, so the superhero bit is probably a bit unlikely, but, the other two aren’t impossible. Don’t substitute the words ‘tough to achieve’ with the word ‘impossible’ when it’s not true.

10. You don’t have any faith in yourself
There is a great Microsoft TV advertisement running that suggests that any child has the potential to be an achiever. Ignoring the fact that the advertisement is suggesting that Windows 10 is what will make that happen, the message is still valid. Whatever our age, we all have the ability to achieve our full potential, but we need to have faith in ourselves before we can do it.

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