Buy Ezine Articles to Promote your Website

Ezine Article syndication is the perfect way to build natural backlinks

If you have wondered why you should buy Ezine Articles, read on and you will find out what the SEO benefits of buying quality Ezine Articles really are.

To read some of what so called SEO experts write, you would think that Google and other search engines are the enemy, when in fact, all that Google are trying to do is provide a good meaningful service to their users.

Google doesn’t want to refer to their users to a website, just because that site has thousands of artificially SEO generated backlinks, they want to promote sites with natural looking backlinks that are an indication of the websites popularity.

That still leaves website owners and bloggers with the big question of how to promote their sites, without upsetting the mighty Google, and that’s where Ezine Articles come into play.

What are Ezine Articles?
Ezine Articles is a website on which established authors can publish articles on pretty much any topic, so long as it is not offensive and it abides by the rules of Ezine. What Ezine publishers get in return, are high quality backlinks to their website, real traffic, and a lot of credibility for their site as well. The other big plus for website owners is that articles published on Ezine Articles can be syndicated.

What is Article Syndication?
When you buy Ezine Articles, and they are published, your article may be copied and republished, complete with your backlinks, on any number of other websites. They can also be used in newsletters and e-newspapers, again, and again, complete with the backlinks to your website.

Won’t Google penalise me for duplicate content?
No, and that’s the beauty of buying custom Ezine articles. Your Ezine article will be unique, not a copy of anything on your website. Your Ezine article may get duplicated, but never the content that is on your own website.

Where can I buy Ezine Articles?
You can buy Ezine articles from me! I am an experienced freelance writer and a Platinum Expert Author at Ezine Articles. I will write, publish, and promote a high quality article for you, with two Do Follow links to your website.

Buy Ezine Articles and you will get:
When you buy an Ezine Article from me, you will get a high quality written article published on a respected website with Do Follow links back to your own website.

High Quality, unique, min 500 words, article written for you
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Ezine articles are a great way to add credibility to your site, drive traffic to it, and to get more of those all-important backlinks to increase the ranking of your website.

Special offer
As well as publishing the article for you, I will also promote it, for no extra charge, by adding it to a minimum of twenty social bookmarking sites.

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Article syndication
Don’t forget too, that your Ezine Article can be syndicated and that means that the number of links to your site, and your link diversity, will increase even further!

Buy Ezine articles with complete peace of mind
I provide my services through a third party SEO marketplace called SEO Clerks. Placing is an order is a very simple process and you can pay by credit/debit cards, or through PayPal. By using SEO Clerks, you have the comfort that, in the unlikely event that I don’t deliver what I promise, you get your money back because, I only get paid when you say that the order has been completed to your satisfaction.

Order your Ezine Article today
If you placed an order to buy an Ezine article today, it would be written, published and approved in under a week and you could be reaping the benefits of extra traffic and those valuable backlinks. Your Ezine Article will then stay online forever, generating traffic, and being spread around the web!

Ezine Article restrictions
Please note that there are some restrictions on what can be published on Ezine Articles. They won’t accept anything offensive, or articles relating to drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, pharmaceuticals, or tobacco products.

The article cannot be too self-serving, or overly promotional. That means that I can’t publish a 500 word advertisement for you product or website! What works best, are articles that are of general interest and informative.  That will get you a higher click-through rate and a greater number of people will re-publish your article.

If you would like me to take a look at your website and come up with some ideas for Ezine Articles, free of charge or obligation, just contact me via my SEO Clerks profile.

How to Buy your Premium Ezine Article
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