I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Facts

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
‘I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ is one of the only reality TV shows that I bother to watch, because seeing how the rich and famous, and the B list wannabes, will cope with being thrown together in a jungle and forced to eat grubs, eyeballs and penises, is far more entertaining than watching the same bunch of people learn how to dance. You might have thought that the ’I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’  Contestants are faking it, but, even though the producers of the show do go to some lengths to protect the celebs from the worst of the things that the jungle has to offer,  the poor little Lovie’s do still face quite a few real dangers.

So, as we look forward to three weeks of tantrums, heroics and tears, here are ten facts about I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! That you may not have known.

1. Who is in I'm A Celebrity 2015?
In case you haven’t caught up with the show yet, here is a list of the celebrities that have made an appearance in the ‘I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ jungle camp, so far.

Tony Hadley – Leaqd singer of Spandau Ballet
Yvette Fielding - Presents on Most Haunted
Chris Eubank – Boxer
Jorgie Porter - Actress on Hollyoaks
George Shelley  - Former of boy group Union J
Kieron Dyer – Footballer
Lady Colin Campbell – Posh old bird and socialite
Duncan Bannatyne – From Dragon's Den
Brian Friedman- Choreographer and creative director of X Factor
Susannah Constantine - Half of Trinny and Susannah

2. Ant and Dec don’t have an easy life on I’m a Celebrity
Ant and Dec always look and sound bright and chirpy, but we forget that they are in Australia so there is a ten hour time difference between them and the UK. Ant and Dec arrive at the jungle site at around 2.30am, local time, to prepare for the live show, which they start presenting at 7am.

3. They are not as far in the jungle as you might have thought
The jungle setting might look like a remote part of the outback, but it is actually situated in an old banana plantation in Queensland in a relatively highly populated area. During the filming of the show, the crew stays at a nearby holiday resort, and Ant and Dec stay at a luxury hotel. They are not very far at all from civilisation.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
Nicola Mclean Enjoying a Bush Tucker Trial
4. The critters are bred for the show
The critters that are used in ‘I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ Are bred on-site, especially for the show and they get through a lot of them! In the course of the three weeks that the show is on air, they will use around 400 spiders, 250,000 cockroaches, 500 rats, and 30 snakes.

5. The celebrities really are at risk
The celebrities who take part in the show do so entirely at their own risk and they sign a disclaimer to that effect. Although the producers do take steps to clear the area of dangerous animals, last year, three pythons and two deadly funnel-web spiders had to be removed from the site during filming.

6. Malcom McLaren quite the show before it had even started
Former Sex Pistols manager, the late Malcolm McLaren, was to have appeared in the 2007 show, but he got all the way out to Australia, settled into his luxury hotel, and then quit just before the show was due to start. He said it was because the show was a fix, and he denied that he bottled it because of his fear of spiders.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
Gemma Collins Freaking Out
7. Gemma Collins suffered post-traumatic stress after the show
Gemma Collins had a very quick meltdown in the 2014 ‘I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ and left after just 72 hours in the jungle. She is said to have suffered post-traumatic stress as a result of her ordeal, but then, she is a bit of a drama queen, to say the least. Apparently, she applied to appear on the show again, but the producers refused to let her return to the jungle because they feared that she might have another breakdown.

8. The show has gone international
The camp site used in ‘I’m a Celebrity’ is not only used for the British show, it is also used as the location for a number of other versions of the show as well. As soon as Ant and Dec leave, a German crew arrives at the site to film the German version of ‘I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’. There have also been French, Swedish, African, Indian, and Hungarian versions of I’m a celeb filmed at the same location.

Mathew Wright and Medic Bob
9. Medic Bob is kept pretty busy
As well as removing unwanted critters from the site, Medic Bob and his team are kept busy with other minor emergencies too. In 2013, two crew members suffered tick fever, 100 ticks were removed from crew members and the celebrities, and two people were given stitches. Medic Bob and a psychiatrist also check over the celebs as soon as they leave the jungle encampment.

10. How much do the celebrities get paid to go into the jungle?
The amount celebrities get paid to appear on ‘I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ varies depending on who it is, but the top celebs get six figure sums to appear in the jungle for three weeks. Michael Burke is said to have been paid £150,000 for his time and some of the celebrities have been paid as much as £250,000.

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