What 10 Top Celebrities Did Before They Became Famous

Celebrity jobs, Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise
Image source; Georges Biard
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If you ever dreamt of making it big, then don’t give up just yet!  While many celebrities are living a life of luxury today, some of them held down some pretty mundane jobs before they became famous. We’ve all heard the stories of how the rich and famous struggled to make ends meet while they perfected their art, but some also gave up lucrative careers to follow their dream. Here are ten famous celebrities who held down surprising jobs before they became big stars.

1. Tom Cruise was going to be a Catholic priest
Tom Cruise is better known as a Scientologist these days, but there was a time that the movie actor was considering a life in the priesthood. Cruise Studied to be a Catholic priest, but he got kicked out seminary school after he was caught drinking alcohol that he had stolen.

2. Rod Stewart was a gravedigger
The Scottish, gravel voiced, singer Rod Stewart tried his hands at a number of trades before he made the big time and one of them was definitely a dead end job! He quit school at the age of 15 and had a number of different jobs. He tried out for a professional football team, he had a go at a silk screen printing, and he also worked as a grave digger for a while too.

George Clooney
Image source: Angela George
via Wikimedia Commons
3. George Clooney failed at baseball
George Clooney was another one who moved between jobs before he settled on a career as an actor. At the age of 16, Clooney tried out for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team, but was rejected. He too dropped out of school early, and he had a go at being a farm hand and a shoe salesman before he hit the big time.

4. Jerry Springer was a politician
The host of the tackiest talk show on the planet, Jerry Springer, was once a full time politician. Springer used to be Mayor of Cincinnati and had his sights set on being the Governor of Ohio. He gave up his political career when he lost his bid to be Governor.

5. Danny DeVito used to cut hair
Before the star of movies such as ‘Romancing the Stone’, ‘Twins’ and ‘Batman Returns’, a name for himself in Hollywood, he worked full time in his sisters beauty parlour. Danny DeVito is apparently a very experienced hair stylist.

6. Harrison Ford had a career in carpentry
It was the 1977 George Lucas, hit movie ‘Star Wars’ that catapulted  Harrison Ford into the limelight, but before that, he had been disappointed by the roles that he had been offered. Somewhat disillusioned with the movie industry, Ford taught himself to be a carpenter and that was how he paid the bills before he became a big star.

Johnny Depp
Image source: Angela George
via Wikimedia Commons
7. Johnny Depp was a telesales man
Johnny Depp was one of those irritating people who pester you on the phone at home trying to sell you something. His job was to get people to buy ballpoint pens, with the promise that would be entered into a prize draw.

8. Gerard Butler worked in law
Scottish actor Gerard Butler trained to be a lawyer. He studied law at Glasgow University and then he worked for a law firm as a trainee. He never quiet qualified as a lawyer, though, because he got fired by the law firm he worked for, so he moved to London to find his fame and fortune instead.

9. Chuck Norris was in the US Air Force
Action hero and martial arts legend, Chuck Norris really does have experience of the military and law enforcement. He served as a policeman in the US Air Force and, while he was serving in North Korea, he began learning the martial arts.

10. Gene Simmons was a school teacher
The lead singer of Kiss who used to be known for his wild makeup and lizard like tongue, used to teach 11 year old kids at school.  Before he was fire breathing and spitting blood on stage, Gene Simmons taught sixth graders in a school in the Upper Westside of New York.

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