10 Things That Men Do That Women Love to Complain About

The problem with women is that they simply don’t understand men and, worse than that; they don’t even try to! So, men have a few habits that you don’t like, but there are perfectly reasonable explanations for all of them. Just because you don’t understand the pride that a man can take in being able to make the duvet levitate after a good curry, for example, doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate the feat, does it?  Here are ten things that men do that, for some unfathomable reason, women don’t appear to be too keen on.

1. Leaving the toilet seat up
This is one of the most unfair and one sided criticism of men that women have. Men put the toilet seat up to pee; we all understand the mechanics behind that don’t we? We sometimes leave it up; because it makes it easier for the next time we make an urgent visit to the toilet. If you put to down, we have to lift it up again, so no one is going to win this argument. We could, of course, leave it down all the time, but women would probably appreciate the end results of that even less.

2. Admiring the hooters on another girl
Sorry girls, but if a guy sees a beautiful girl, he is, at the very least, going to take a sneaky peek. I’ll admit that if your man is constantly ogling other women, then that is out of order, but don’t take it too seriously if he makes the odd comment about a woman’s figure. It’s when he starts appreciating other women behind your back that you really have something to worry about.

3. Not phoning often enough
Men never call, they never text, they must be unfeeling swine! Men just don’t do idle chitter chatter; they use the phone when they have something to say! If he told you loved this morning that won’t have changed in just four hours, so why does have to call at lunchtime too!

4. Adjusting the private parts
If you had ever caught your right testicle between your leg and your tight fitting jeans when you sat down, you would know full well why men frequently adjust the positioning of their crown jewels. We are not playing pocket pool down there; we are protecting our future blood line!

5. Not listening properly
In defence of this one, men are genetically programmed to not listen to their women. No, seriously. If the caveman had listened to his wife moaning about the draft at the back of the cave, he would never have noticed the sabre toothed tiger that was just about to eat the family. So, by not listening, we are, in fact, protecting you, and you should be grateful for that.

6. Leaving toenail clippings on the floor
I’ll admit that man’s habit of leaving his toenail clippings on the floor, and beard remnants in the sink, is pretty gross and, try as I might I can’t find an excuse for that one.  Guys, clean up after yourselves, or at least push the toenail clippings down the back of the sofa.

7. Forgetting anniversaries
It’s not that we forget, it’s that we don’t remember in time. We see that reminder that we put in our Outlook diaries and we always think that will be time to do something about it tomorrow, but then something really important comes up and it kind of slips our minds. For some odd reason, anniversaries just don’t seem to mean as much to men as they do to women, so the dates don’t get etched in their brains in the same way.

8. Falling asleep after sex
It may seem intensive when a man just falls straight to sleep after sex, but he has little choice in this, because it’s the hormones that are released into has body that cause this to happen. Science has proven that parts of man’s brain shut down during sex, and after sex, a man temporarily loses all sexual desire. It’s a kind of natural; mission accomplished, thanks very much, and good night response.

9. Not liking shopping
Most men don’t like shopping and that’s a fact, so don’t subject him to the torture of trailing around after you while you look at twenty different dresses and then go back and buy the first one you saw! And, what is that window shopping all about? Where is the pleasure in looking at stuff that you have absolutely no intention of buying? Don’t complain at how awful it is to go shopping with him; just leave him at home, or drop him off at a nearby pub for the day.

10. Buying naff presents
For a simple answer to why many men buy naff presents, refer back to item number seven, and number nine. The truth is, we put it off for as long as we can, leave it too late and then we look for the nearest shop with the fewest people in so we can buy the present and get back out again as fast as is humanly possible. Why do men do this? Because they know that whatever they buy, it’s going to be the wrong size, or the wrong colour, and you will secretly take it back to the store and change it anyway.

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