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Guest post slots now available on Artois52 Life

If you are a blogger or website owner, and you’d like to gain more exposure for your website, then guest blogging is a cost effective way to do it. I am offering a limited number of spaces for promoted guest posts on Artois52 Life. 

A Guest post gets you more than just a few backlinks. It gets you traffic, authority, and credibility too. If you’d be interested in having an interesting and engaging article posted here, with links back to your own blog or website, read on, and I’ll explain what’s on offer:

Why guest post on Artois52 Life?
Artois52 Life is well established and growing in popularity and that means that it’s the perfect time you to post a guest post here.  It’s not a spam filled buffer site, like you might find elsewhere, it is a real blog with real readers. Your guest post will never be removed so, as Artois52 Life grows, and grows, your post will always be here, online.

Topic guidelines
Artois52 Life is a male orientated site, with a slant towards the UK market. That leaves you with a pretty broad range of possibilities for guest post submissions! Tech, travel, lifestyle, health, movies, TV, arts, culture, business, the list goes on and on. The only topics that I would not consider are very female specific topics, such as makeup tips or female health issues, and of course, porn, hatred, and dodgy pharmaceutical products.

Guest post promotion
Your guest post will promoted along with the regular posts on the blog and it will be included in the regular blog post SEO campaign. Your post will receive a minimum of:

20+ x entries on bookmarking sites
10 x tweets by @artois52
1 x Facebook post
1 x Google+
1 x Pinterst

Submission guidelines
In addition to the topic guidelines mentioned above for a guest post on Artois52 Life, for an article to be accepted, it will need to be well written, not poorly spun content, and not overly spammy. Ideally, it will be a well written guest article that will entertain, inform, and engage the reader and not just a sales squeeze page stuffed full of keywords! All written content must also be unique and pass a plagiarism test. Guest posts will need to be a minimum of 500 words to be accepted.


Can I include an image?
Yes. Feel free to include one image that you have the rights to or, alternatively, I will find a suitable royalty-free image for you, no charge.

Can you write the article for me?
Yes. There is an option to have your article written for you in the submission form. There is a small additional fee for this service.

How many links can I have?
Please restrict the total number of links to the one domain to a maximum of three.

Will my guest post ever be removed?
No. Your guest article will stay live on the blog forever

Can I include a bio?
Yes. Please free to include a short final paragraph to your post that explains who you are, describes your services, or promotes your website.

Will you edit the article?
Your submitted guest post will be checked for grammar and spelling and I do reserve the right to make minor corrections, FOC, if necessary. If the article requires major corrections, then I’m afraid it will be rejected.

How much will it cost me?
I charge a small administrative fee of $5 to cover the time of editing, formatting, and posting the article. Optional extras are available to select on the order form, if required.

How do I submit a guest post?
I use SEO Clerks to market and manage all my services, so just follow the link below, which will take you to an order form or, if you want to discuss a post first, feel free to contact me via SEO clerks here.