How to Lose a Beer Belly

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You can read a lot of men’s health advice tosh on the internet can’t you? Articles with headlines like; lose belly fat fast, fat burning miracle, ten ways to burn off belly fat, miracle belly fat diet.  The sad fact is that some people actually fall for these things, while other people make a lot of money out of them. So, let’s set an internet precedent and cut the crap. Here’s the truth about what really causes a beer belly and what you will need to do get rid of a beer belly.

What causes a beer belly?
If your six-pack looks more like a party7 (remember those?), then you are not alone, because the bulging gut syndrome is common amongst us beer drinkers.  It affects more people as they get older, and it affects women more than it does men.  However, despite the fact that we lovingly refer to our paunch as a beer belly, it’s not just beer that has probably caused the expansion of your waistline, it is calories. Those calories may well have come from beer, but they could also have come from the after-pub kebabs or the two litre bottles of coke you down when you are not drinking beer. The calories from alcohol, though, do seem to have an unfortunate tendency to gravitate towards the belly.

When you drink an alcoholic drink of any type your liver works hard on burning off the alcohol, rather than fat. Beer is especially bad, it’s easy for a beer monster to consume too many beers in one sitting and get a massive overload of calories. Add those two factors together and, hey presto, you have a beer belly.

Why do men have beer bellies and women don’t?
When anyone takes on board more calories than they are burning off through physical activity, the body stores those excess calories as fat. The reason that more men develop beer bellies than women do has nothing to do with the fact that, traditionally, men down more pints than women do, it’s that men and women store fat in different places. Women tend to put on weight around their arms, backside, and thighs, whereas men tend to put weight on around their abdomen first.

Why didn’t I get a beer belly when I was younger?
Beer bellies tend to be more obvious when you get older, because you need fewer calories, so more are stored as fat. When you get into your fifties, like I am, you are probably not playing 90 minutes of soccer every Sunday anymore, but you probably are still drinking the same amount of beer. There are also hormonal changes that occur as you get older that lead to more fat being stored around the abdomen. There is also some evidence that smoking causes more fat to be deposited around the waist than elsewhere in the body.

I like my beer belly; what’s wrong with it?
Well, actually, as well as that fact that it will make attracting members of the opposite sex distinctly challenging, it’s also very bad for your health. Excess fat around the belly can lead to; type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and it will increase your risk of developing heart disease.

How do I get rid of my beer belly?
Before anyone jumps straight down into the comment box below and types “STOP DRINKING BEER”, yes, of course, cutting down your alcohol consumption would be the first step to reducing the size of your beer belly!

What is for sure is that there is no magical cure for a beer belly, so don’t waste your money on metabolism boosting diet pills that will keep you awake all night long, or  belly fat busting diets that will have feinting through malnutrition.

Doing sit-ups and crunches until you collapse of exhaustion won’t get rid of belly fat either. Sure, exercises like that will strengthen your core muscles and you may even get your six-pack back, but you still won’t be able to see behind all the belly fat!

The truth is that, the only way you will lose a beer belly is to burn off more calories than you consume. That means, as any good and honest men’s health advice article will tell you, cutting down on the beers, eating a healthy diet, and getting more aerobic exercise, like running, swimming, walking, or playing sports. Even getting out in the garden and digging over a new vegetable patch would help. The good news is, though, as soon as you do start to lose some weight, your belly is the first place that you should notice the difference.

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