Interesting facts about sports betting and gambling

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Probably you have heard quite often that gambling is the vice of modern people, who are bored or don't know what to do with their money and a whole array of similar statements. Sports betting and gambling, however date back thousands of years BC and have been used as a form of entertainment both by nobles and Royals and the poor folk.  Below you will find a few interesting facts about both, which may encourage you to place some bets or play a game of blackjack.

History of sports betting

Facts About Gambling, Casino, Roulette, History of sports betting, History of gambling, Artois52LifeTo bet on sports means that you try to predict the outcome of a certain game and you place a wager on the result. It is believed that sports betting was practiced about 2,000 years ago by the Greeks, who loved to place a wager on different athletes during sport event. The Romans inherited this interest and even turned into an official tradition in their vast empire. Everyone has heard of the gladiator battles and a lot of people have visited the Coliseum in Rome, without even realizing that this was the place of the biggest sports betting event at that time. It was actually quite a cruel undertaking compared to sports betting in modern times. During the Medieval ages the activity was not viewed with a good eye and many rulers tried to forbid this practice. The idea, of course, survived and became extremely popular in England, where people enjoyed placing bets on horses during horse races at the most. Sports betting then spread to the rest of the world and nowadays it is quite popular across Europe, while in the USA it is practiced with some restrictions. Betting on sports in America is a tricky question since there are several laws regulating or prohibiting this activity and only four states - Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana, where it is allowed. In the past, one had to visit the event and get in touch with a bookmaker to be able to place a bet on a given sport. Nowadays, with online sites offering the possibility to wager on sports, this activity has gained more popularity than ever. Besides, it has become fashionable to place bets not only on sporting events but on the outcome of reality shows and even political elections.

History of gambling

Facts About Gambling, Casino, Roulette, History of sports betting, History of gambling, Artois52LifeGambling also dates back to more than 2,300 ago and the first evidence of its existence was found in China. Archaeologists have unearthed tiles, which were most probably used to play a game of chances. Playing cards is also associated with China and most scholars believed that the game originated there around the 9th century, even though it is not clear what the specific rules were. on the other hand, some modern casino games such as Baccarat and Blackjack used to be played in the Middle Ages too. Baccarat is believed to have originated in Italy and was transferred to France around 1400s. Blackjack is the successor of the Spanish game of ventiuna, which is mentioned by Cervantes in one of his books from 1601. The first casinos were opened in Italy in the 17th century and during the 19th century they became quite popular across Europe. In the US people had a chance to gamble while traveling on boats on the Mississippi, while after the Depression, Las Vegas as if rose from the ashes as the most attractive gambling place, which still attracts tenths of thousands of tourists.  the origin of roulette is associated with Paris, while New York contributed with the invention of slot machines, which initially rewarded the winners with cigars and gums and not with money. And back in 1994 the first virtual casinos appeared on the internet to eventually become just another app on your smartphone.

If this information has awaken your curiosity about placing bets or playing casino games, we suggest that you give it a try. Pick a reliable sports betting and gambling site and test your chances!


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