8 Things to Look for When Selecting an SEO Expert

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What are the key things to look for before you ?hire an SEO expert

For most people, search engine optimisation (SEO) is something of a mystical art and, even for those who do understand the principals of what is needed to get a website ranked on the first page of Google, they neither have the time nor the inclination to become an SEO expert.

However, businesses and online marketers can’t just ignore SEO, because a site is very unlikely to appear anywhere near the first page of Google if they do. The top three websites listed in a Google search results page will grab more than 50% of the traffic, so search engine optimisation is not just important, it’s essential.

If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to do your own SEO, then it would be advisable to hire an SEO expert. However, just about anyone can set up a website and call themselves a search engine optimisation expert if they what to, so how can you who is for real and who is simply selling a load of cheap and nasty  backlinks? To answer that question, here are the top eight things that you should at when you are searching for an SEO expert.

A focus on conversions

A good SEO expert will not be focusing only on traffic stats; they will be looking at conversions as their main key performance indicator. Getting millions of visitors to a website is totally useless if none of those visitors are converted into customers.

Proven track record

As mentioned in the introduction, anyone can call themselves an SEO expert and anyone can set up an SEO agency. Learning all the SEO techniques and tricks takes a long time, so look for SEO service providers that can demonstrate that they have at least several years’ experience in the sector.

Knowledge of marketing

There is more to SEO than just the technical side, an SEO expert also needs to understand the importance of branding and marketing. Content needs to be appealing and it needs to be written in a way that pushes a user towards making a purchase. What content shouldn’t be is something that has been written purely for the benefit of search engine rankings.

Good communication skills

Whether you are looking for an SEO Expert London, or an international expert, you are going to need two-way communication with your SEO agency to ensure that your targets are met. You know your business, and your SEO expert should know SEO, It’s through good communication that you will get the best results out of a search engine optimisation campaign.

A three tier approach

Search engine optimisation has three main elements to it, so look for an SEO expert that understands the importance of the technical structure of your site, on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation.

An understanding of the importance of research

Every good SEO campaign begins with research. The best SEO experts will begin by looking at your site, looking that the niche that you compete in, and looking at your competitors. If the research is not done properly, you could end up competing for the wrong keywords, or focusing effort in non-productive areas.

Good, all-round knowledge

To be the best SEO expert, you need a mixture of technical know-how, marketing skills, and an understanding of how people behave. As well as just getting a good click-through rate on Google, you will need an SEO agency that can get relevant traffic for your particular niche.

Someone you can get on with

Finally, look for an SEO expert that you and your own team will be able to get on with and one that has a real passion for SEO. The best SEO providers are the people who like challenges and who will work with you to help the online side of your business succeed.

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