Best SEO Company I Have Found to Date

What makes an SEO Company the Best SEO Company?

The word “best” is often an overused one on the internet, but when you do stumble across an SEO company that is following best practices to get the best results, then “best” is a word that is kind of hard to avoid using. The search engine optimization company I am talking about is Tecsolo, the leading Scottsdale SEO company. 

Tecsolo was founded by Taylor Bracken and it has become one of the top media and internet advertising companies specializing in SEO. Taylor is a respected SEO expert who has been featured or quoted in many of the industry’s leading publications, including Search Engine Journal, as well as on NBC News and Taylor works on the basis that customers need to see quantifiable results fast, and that’s’ exactly what he and his team work hard to deliver.

So, what makes Tecsolo a best SEO company, rather than just another search engine optimization company? The answer to that is in the quality of the service, the service methodology, and, of course, in the delivery of results.

White hat SEO only
The first thing that sets Tecsolo apart from so many other search engine optimization agencies and companies is that Taylor Bracken insists on using only white hat techniques to help customers achieve top rankings in Google. That means that Tecsolo work to Google Webmaster guidelines and they follow Google recommendations and Google approved strategies, so there is no risk of falling foul of Google penalties.

A focus on return on Investment
As a best SEO company, Tecsolo are not interested in gaining meaningless click-through rates; they are focused on delivering targeted traffic that will bring results. The Tecsolo team understands that the real measure of success of an SEO campaign is the return on investment for their customers, and that is the driving force behind all of the services that Tecsolo provide.

Working in partnership with their clients
Tecsolo also believe in working in partnership with their clients and that is another important indication that this is one of the best SEO companies. A customer will know their business and Tecsolo knows SEO, so two-way communication is the key if you want to see results from a search engine optimization campaign.

They won’t work with anybody
Tecsolo have an enviable record of ranking websites highly, even those with difficult search terms, but they won’t provide their services to absolutely anybody. Unlike other SEO companies who will take on as many clients as possible, regardless of the niche that those clients operate in, Tecsolo limits the number of the clients that the company will work with at any one time and they don’t take on work from adult sites or get rich schemes. That’s not a sign of a company that is being picky, that is a sign of a search engine optimization company that takes quality very seriously indeed.

So, if you have a well-established company with a good reputation and a solid line of products or services, and you want to use one of the best SEO companies to build on the foundations that you have already built and get your website ranked highly, check out Tecsolo; the best Scottsdale SEO company.


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