8 Tips on Choosing a Bespoke Bridal Gown

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How to make the process of choosing a bespoke wedding dress a whole lot easier

Choosing a wedding dress is a wonderful experience, but if you let it, it can become a stressful one too, and, in some, ways, having a bespoke wedding dress made for you can add to that stress. 

When you have custom made wedding dress made for you, you get more choice, and, working with your bridal dress designer, you have a say in the design of the of the dress, so there is more for you to think about. However, if you follow these simple tips on how to choose a bespoke bridal gown, you will find the whole process a lot easier than you might have thought it would be.

Start an inspiration board

You can start your wedding dress decision process by keeping an inspiration board. Simply pin up any pictures find of bridal gowns you like the look of and you will soon start to see a trend in the styles of dresses that you are favouring.

Take a look inside your own wardrobe

If you take a look at your regular clothes, it will show you what types of dresses have been your favourites before and what shapes of dresses flatter your body shape the best. You will no doubt want something extra special for your wedding dress, but your everyday dresses could be a good starting point to give you some ideas.

Asks lots of Questions

Your wedding dress designer will have lots of experience of designing wedding outfits, so don’t be afraid to draw on all that experience by asking lots of questions. If you have good two-way communication with your designer, you will end up with a much better dress.

Be absolutely clear about what you want

You can’t expect your designer to be a mind reader, so you will need to be absolutely clear about how you want your bridal gown to look. If it’s a lace wedding dress that you really want, then say so from the outset, because misunderstandings could be disastrous.

Follow one core idea

You really do need to follow one core design concept rather than try to take elements from many types of dresses and cram them all into one.

Be prepared to be flexible

When you choose a wedding dress designer, you will have chosen them because you liked their style. You will have your own ideas, but you should be prepared to be guided your designer and be flexible enough to allow the designer to incorporate your ideas into their style of bridal gown.

Being comfortable is very important

Don’t forget that comfort is an important factor to consider when choosing a wedding dress. A wedding day is a big day, it’s a memorable day, and it’s a long day that can be ruined if you don’t feel that the dress really suits your body shape or it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t obsess over your final decision

When you order a bespoke wedding dress, you will probably need to allow at least eight months for the dress to be made, so don’t let procrastination eat into that vital period. If you love a wedding dress that you see, then that is quite probably the one you should go for. If you are not careful, you could be obsessing about which wedding gown to choose for far too long, and then still end up going back to one of your original choices.

If you’d like to get some ideas on bespoke wedding gowns and perhaps some pictures for your inspiration board, visit lace wedding dresses UK on wedding dress designer Hermione de Paula’s website.