How Kttp Web Development Is Leading a Revolution in the Way That Websites Are Developed

Kttp Web Development, Kttp, Website Development Revolution

The world wide web has transformed how we all shop and do business, and that change has moved at such a pace that businesses that have failed to keep up with developments are likely be the businesses that are going to fail. It is strange, then, that the one industry sector that has failed to take advantage of the internet revolution is, in fact, the website design and development sector itself. There is, however, a company, called Kttp Web Development, that's at the forefront of a revolution in the way that websites are developed.

Historically, web development companies have been owned and operated by programmers and developers. They usually employ teams of on-site developers that work together in a physical location, often developing websites that only a programmer could understand and that are difficult for non-developers to maintain.

Although this web development strategy might have been acceptable a decade ago, the modern business owner is now much more internet knowledgeable and they demand value for money web solutions that are easy to maintain, powerful, and that use the very latest technology. What the modern business wants is an elegant, properly designed, feature-rich, site that won't cost a fortune to develop.

To develop the best business website solution possible a conventional web development company would have to have a vast team. That team would require skills in web design, e-commerce, SEO, social media marketing, content management, channel management, and more. In an ideal world, the team would also include people with experience in a vast range of different industries and markets.

Of course, to employ a large team such as this would not only be costly, but it would also be very inefficient. It would also result in substantial fixed business overheads that must ultimately be added to the price that the customer pays. In addition to that, having large in-house teams can also result in delays in the development of a website, due to the lack of cover if one or more of the team members are on vacation or have been taken ill.

Kttp Web Development is employing a much leaner and efficient business model that provides access to a pool of expertise that other web development companies simply cannot match. Kttp are putting into action within their own business the same technology that they use in their offer to their own customers. Namely, the efficient and effective use of the web.

Kttp has access to a huge team of web site designers and developers, who all work remotely via the world wide web. The company brings together and project manages a dynamic team of web development experts for each separate customer website development project. A team that will have the perfect combination of skills and expertise to deliver the project quickly and effectively. 

Kttp’s innovative virtual development team structure brings massive benefits to the customer. A huge range of expertise and know-how is available for each project, ideas can be shared between team members, new members can be added to the team whenever they are needed, and specific industry expertise can be called upon, as and when it is required. 

Just as importantly, Kttp can offer this high level of service, without having to bear the fixed costs that would be associated with managing such a large team in-house. Those savings can then be passed on to the customer in the form of lower development costs.

It’s hard to believe that there are still many website development companies struggling with the high costs of brick and mortar premises and inefficient and costly teams of staff, while Kttp Web Development, on the other hand, is leading the way with this revolutionary approach to website design and development that is so much more efficient. However, as history has shown us, the cobbler’s own children are usually the last to get a new pair of shoes!


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