What Will the Fashion-Conscious Man Be Wearing Spring and Summer 2018?

Whether you are a fan of Emporio Armani, Kenzo, Maharishi, Stone Island or Ralph Lauren, looking at what was shown at the most recent fashion shows is always a good way to work out what be trending on the streets in the coming seasons. 

OK, so some of the ideas might be toned down a bit for the ordinary Joe, but the essence of what appears at London, Paris and Milan, is what will determine what brands like Stone Island and Off White are putting on the shelves of the fashion stores in the coming months. 

So, to give you an idea of what to expect in the spring and summer of 2018, here’s what was trending at the recent European fashion shows.

Black Will Be Back This Summer

Black is back in trend this year, specifically for summer time. While various brands, including Stone Island and Kenzo, constantly have black in their collections, but this season black was much more in evidence on the fashion runways.  

Pink Is on the Up

That subtle, understated blush-pink colour that you had just got used to is about to get much bolder next season and it is moving into new shades. However, even though there were some shows of bright pink at some of the shows, the most popular shades on display were in the range of the middle pinks up towards the lighter end of the range of the colour.  

Or You Could Try the All-White Look

There is an eighties revival on the way and one of the simplest ways to have that Eighties feel is to experiment with one of the most widely used styles we saw at the shows this season, which was to wear white from head-to-toe. If you believe this really is a touch too daring, try replacing your top white layer for an indigo jacket.

Mix Up Your Patterns

There was quite a bit of pattern mixing happening at the European fashion shows this year, however the trend turned out to be marginally toned down in some of the designer brand’s collections. It's nonetheless safe to say that, come the spring and early summer, we are all going to be introducing a great deal of visual texture and interest to our wardrobes in the form of mixed patterns.  

Sportswear Mixed with Tailored Items

The neatly tailored smart suit enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in Paris, courtesy of the tendency to mix sharp tailoring with sportswear. Blazers, and well-cut trousers were also combined with track suit trousers, hoodies, sports T-shirts, to great effect to create quite a visually stunning effect.

Try a Pinstripe Suit on for Size  

With most fashion designers using blocks of strong primary colours to create visual impact at the shows this season, patterns and prints were somewhat light on the ground. Apart from that is, the many different takes on vertical stripes that were on display Whilst there were a range of different widths being offered up, it's relatively safe to say that the next suit that you buy for work will probably be a well-cut, tailored pinstriped suit.