Stone Island Ghost Pieces – Now Available!

Stone Island, Ghost Pieces, Streetwear

The highly-popular streetwear designer Stone Island has released a new spring and summer collection and this collection is something that is very different from all previous Stone Island collections. 

If you thought you knew what a Stone Island piece looks like, then check out the new Stone Island Ghost Collection.

If you are a big fan of the Stone Island brand, then you are going to want to know about the new Ghost Pieces that are on sale now. It’s quite a big change for Stone Island, so read on, and we’ll tell you more!

The Stone Island Ghost Pieces are very limited in number. There are jackets, trousers and sweaters available and they all come in a variety of colours, including white, navy, black and khaki. What makes the Ghost items different is that they are totally one-colour garments. 

Recent Stone Island collections have included the amazing heat-sensitive colour-changing knitwear and the revolutionary Frost Finish garments. The mono-colour design of the new Ghost Pieces, then, is quite a change of style for the brand.

Ghost pieces are 100% monochromatic, and that includes the famous Stone Island badge that is on them. This makes this Ghost collection ideal if you want to try out the one-colour look that has been so popular at all the recent fashion shows. With Ghost Pieces, even the badge blends perfectly in with the style.

Stone Island are famous for innovation. They have rapidly risen to become the number one streetwear designer brand. The brand’s popularity began with the soccer fans in England. Then it grew to gain a cult following throughout Europe. Today, Stone Island has the benefit of having been endorsed by many celebrities, including Frank Ocean, Drake and Travis Scott.

The Ghost Pieces single colour badge is almost invisible against the same colour fabric of the garment. The whole concept of the collection is based around the idea of camouflage. Because of this unique “Ghost” look, the items have become very popular. In fact, there are many online designer clothing stores have no Ghost Pieces left in stock. If you want one, though, your luck is in, because Stone Island Ghost Pieces are currently available here

The Ghost Pieces collection is understated and very stylish. The camouflaged badge takes a back seat to the style. It’s quite likely that people won’t be sure it is a Stone Island piece at all, until they get close and the badge becomes visible. That’s what makes the Ghost Collection so unique. That, and the brand-new take on the Stone Island badge.

If you want a Stone Island Ghost Piece, you are going to need to know where to buy it! Ghost pieces are going to be the designer garment to be seen in this year. So, get on over to! It’s an online designer brand store that is currently stocking Stone Island Ghost Pieces and a wide range of other Stone Island items. They also have a wide selection other designer labels in stock, for men and for women too.