Personal Alarms – A Cheap and Effective Self-Defense Product

Personal Alarms
If you have been looking for a self-defense product for you and your family, you may have considered buying a personal alarm. But, do personal attack alarms actually work? Are they worth spending any money on? Here’s all you need to know about personal safety alarm devices.

There is a big selection of different types of personal SOS alarms available. There are keychain personal panic alarms, which you can attach to a backpack. There are belt-clip attack alarms, which are great for runners, bikers and walkers. There are also cute-looking personal alarms designed for kids. There are a number of ways to activate a personal SOS alarm as well. Some are activated by pressing an activation button. Some are triggered by pulling a lanyard.

Personal Alarms Can Be Carried Anywhere

Personal attack alarms are so cheap, it does make you wonder why every person does not possess one. Personal attack alarms can be utilized anyone. Children, seniors, and any person that is of the opinion that they need a personal safety product. Everyone can carry a personal SOS alarm everywhere with them. Including on flights on commercial airplanes. There are no restrictions anywhere in the world on where you can carry a personal attack alarm.

Selecting the Best Personal Alarm for Your Needs

When you purchase a personal panic alarm, there is a range of things to bear in mind. The top thing to consider is usually the price. There are some very inexpensive personal SOS alarms on sale. But, the cheaply made personal attack alarms may not be of the best quality. The best personal attack alarms are usually priced around fifteen dollars. Other features to consider when picking a personal safety alarm device are how you will carry the alarm, how the product, is sounded, and how convenient the personal safety alarm will be to carry around with you.

How do Personal Alarms Compare to Pepper Sprays?

OC sprays are good, but, not everyone wants to carry a pepper spray around in their bag. A pepper spray or pepper gel may harm innocent bystanders when it is used. And, an OC gel might be turned against the person being attacked. A personal safety alarm device won’t injure anyone. Even if a mugger takes a personal panic alarm away from you, it can’t be switched off. You also can’t have Pepper sprays with you everywhere you go. Pepper spray canisters are not allowed on airlines and in certain public spaces. OC canisters are also completely prohibited in certain regions.

Are Personal Alarms Any Good?

Some folk do not think that personal safety alarm devices are effective. People are sometimes quoted as saying that personal safety alarm devices just aren’t loud enough to attract attention. The truth is that personal safety siren-song alarms aren’t supposed to just to summon help from passers-by. Personal SOS alarms are made to frighten an assailant away. Criminals don’t want to get caught. It’s as simple as that. Thieves want to do the deed and make their getaway straight away. The very shrill noise that personal SOS alarm devices make will frighten a criminal, simply because he doesn’t want to be caught in the act.

Buying Personal SOS Alarms

Safety alarm devices can be found in loads of types of retail outlets. Personal attack alarms can also be purchased at online shops on the web. The best websites to check out the various different types of personal attack alarm devices are the online safety devices websites. This type of site will have lots of different personal attack siren-song alarms from many sellers. They also have reviews of the best personal alarms that will help you make a more informed decision.

Personal safety alarms are an affordable, easy to use and very effective personal safety device that anyone could own. Children can take them to school. College students can carry them on campus. Anyone, of any age, can have a personal alarm with them on most commercial airlines too. At prices of approximately fifteen dollars, there probably isn’t a more convenient and affordable way to keep you and your loved ones secure.


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